My Healing loline restoration

 My friends and I have been toying with the idea of doing a fridge to fridge.  This is where you get on your bike have a few at one place and then off to the next.  I didn’t have a bike so thought a vintage gem would be right on the money!

I was instantly on the hunt for a vintage bike, had added a few to my watch list on trade me and then fell in love with a Healing Loline. If you are over the age of 35 and are from New Zealand you will most likely know what this is.

It’s a fixed gear 1960’s, cruiser. Built in the 1960’s and 1970’s here in New Zealand by a company called Morison and Healing. The government of the day even played a part in the Healing bicycles’ history; they stopped 90% of bike imports from entering the country to help boost the demand for New Zealand made bikes. They were onto something getting people out of the muscle cars and onto the shovey’s.

These bad boys are very uncommon now days with the increase of vintage look bicycles on the road, I was brought up to appreciate the yesteryear and there is something about having people come up and admire the bike they once had and you instantly know that regardless of how amazing your handy paint work is they just love that you are still enjoying what they enjoyed way back when (parent’s if you’re reading this it so wasn’t back when).

 She was in pretty bad shape – rideable but what a rust bucket!!  It just needed a bit of love and im totally the man to bring it back into the current year.  We had just been given a heap of paint through a a comp we won via DULUX so I was sorted for undercoat, base coat, sparkle and gloss! The tyres were shagged so I went on down to my mates at Cycle trading co and got the white grips and tyres fitted after I de-rusted the rims.  The chap that owns the show there actually sold these bikes brand new!!!  HOW COOL!!!  I really under estimated the amount of hard work that goes into restoring an old girl like this, lets just say my soft Account Manager hands are still sore haha (sigh).
All details about what I used are below the images, if you have one of these or had one please comment below, im just loving this bike and have just recently completed a Raleigh Twenty for my girlfriend.

Meet the “Spirit Whip”……..

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Wheels and Grips – Cycle Trading Co

3 thoughts on “My Healing loline restoration

  1. Have you got any great tips for rust removal and chrome restoration? About to embark on restoring an old repco folding bike of a similar vintage and state of rust to your Healing. Any tips or pointers to great resources would be awesome


    1. Hey there!!!

      I sanded the heck out of it and gave it a good wipe down to get the rust off. Then I used the duramax metal primer which acts as a rust coat and gives you better coverage. I find going into Bunnings and talking to their paint consultants sooo good! In terms of the rust restoration I used a few spray cleaners then wiped it clean and followed with rubbing tin foil dipped in water. It makes a compound that cleans it up nicely. Following that you can take it to panel beaters to get re chromed.

      Such an exciting project! You must share pics when done


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