1970s Wire chair

When you think kiwi summer you think beaches and baches, the furniture was never easy on the eye but it was bloody comfy. It’s funny as Georgia and I fill our home with furniture we tend to lean towards the ugly bach furniture but make it our own with a spot of paint. Some people probably hate it and want to leave it for the bach but we love it.

Everyone had a pair of these on the verandah or in the back yard, i’ve spent numerous hours searching online and in second hand stores for these chairs, I mustn’t be the only one on the hunt for them because they come at quite the price.

I have an office chair that really needed replaced because the replica eames that I thought was the bargain of the year from KMART but was more like a ride at movie world, as soon as you sit on it it takes off in all sorts of directions.

474852575 (1)

When I was lucky enough to win this for $6.50 online (the other one I was watching went for $35.00) with a quick touch of dulux white the chair was looking 30 years newer. For the cushion I was at the warehouse and spotted this retro looking seat cushion for $20.00. The arms I sanded back and stained with oil to keep with the retro look.

chair 4 (1 of 1)chair 2 (1 of 1)chair 1 (1 of 1)chair (1 of 1)chair 5 (1 of 1)

Im more than happy with how good this looks and how it fits in with our homes style.  If you have some of these you should give this a go and make them look this good in your home, I have seen them painted red without cushions and blue with white cushions – they always come up so cool!




3 thoughts on “1970s Wire chair

  1. Hi I have a chair like this but the metal is rusty. My question is was yours rusty and how did you fix that or just spraypaint over top? Thanks!


    1. Hi Jody, Give the chair a really good sand with sand paper by hand and then use a metal undercoat spray (this will stop the rust) then paint and seal with a clear spray. The chair will come up brand new! Be sure to send us a pic once done – so exciting!


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