Engagement Party Venue

A Christchurch engagement party

There are so many elements to an engagement it’s sometimes hard to keep up.  After a week of being engaged friends were asking when we were having our engagement party.  Being like a deer in headlights with this whole “whats to come” vibe we got planning.

Hand painted wedding sign

Blogs are a huge help when planning an engagement party because there are so many ways you can do things. We found Together Journal really helpful when planning pulling inspiration from features and blogs. From early in the planning process we knew that we didn’t want something that would take hours of prepping and dismantling because Shaydens family were coming from out of town and there were air port pick ups and drop offs that could turn into a nightmare with delays.

If you are in Canterbury and looking for a venue, here were our initial options:

We went with the RSA and are so happy with our choice.  They have a private function room in their brand new CBD location called “the poppy club” that our guests loved, and with very minimal setup we were ready in 30 mins!  We put money on the bar that lasted most of the night and their events team ensured that our guests were welcomed on entry, were offered a drink if they had finished and even cut our cakes up and packed up for us at the end of the night.

Engagement Party Venue

We had 4 canapé selections over the night that were first class (honestly delicious) they let us set up a desserts table that had a cakes by anna cake and some delicious morsels made by Georgias sisters.

Engagement Party food

Decorating the venue was easy, we purchased a heap of hessian and lace bunting off AliExpress, copper wire LED battery lights from Kmart, we painted jars blush with a blue twine bow, Shayden hand made the entrance engagement sign and foraged flowers and vine for the table settings.

Engagement party decorationsHand painted wedding signp1130421

We wanted a wall where people can take photos so purchased a heap of paper pom poms from AliExpress and staggered them, it ended up great!

Check out the slide show below for more images of our night

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our night was amazing and we are so glad we chose a venue that did it all for us, it made the world of difference!

If you have something coming up and want advice – just comment below : )

Shayden and Georgia



2 thoughts on “A Christchurch engagement party

  1. Hey guys, awesome blog! This is such a helpful post as we are currently in the process of organising an engagement party in chch. I was wondering if the wooden barrells in your pictures were included at the venue or if they were your own?



    1. Hi Danni, yes they were included in the venue. What’s best is they had staff handing out canapés, taking down decorations at the end of the night, offering our guests drinks and boxing up our gifts!!


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