Kmart Home, why we don't buy Kmart furniture

Why we’ve broken up with Kmart

For those of you that follow our blog, you’ll know that this time last year we were die hard Kmart fans. We would find ourselves joining the great race every night for the new “ladder shelf”, matching marble with marble – with marble….

We used to be great friends

Kmart Accessories

Our flat was soon a showroom of Kmart homewares and we were proud of them. When we wanted to redo our lounges aesthetic we could achieve this for a price of a cushion at other homeware stores. But what we soon found is that a good percentage of the stuff failed considerably.  What good is a shelf for plants when you water them and it swells with a drop of water that has come off a leaf?

Our garage was then a holding place for things we purchased 6 months ago. We were lucky enough to have friends and family that would take a few of the items but when we bought our Little Villa we decided that we would save in the long run by buying second-hand vintage furniture giving it some TLC, and it worked. If you’re into modern mixed with some old like us and shop glossy laminates and clean lines, you can achieve this by up-cycling or repainting (very easy – check out this post) .  Introducing some older pieces will give you that quality that Kmart lacks for sometimes less that the cheaper pieces at Kmart so we would recommend going with option (we learned our lesson). And the upside is that you then find after 6 months that you don’t want to rotate your pieces with the trends like you do with Kmart because you’re proud of them and they will last for many years to come.

Just the other day we decided that we would spend half the price on a peg board at Kmart than what I would have to spend making one.  Instantly we regretted it.  The particle boards were mouldy and wet and the pegs were so uneven in thickness, some couldn’t fit. I wish we just went without something that week to afford the materials to make one, we wanted one for all our sewing gear for our handmade bags at Mrs Swan so just decided to just go grab one.

We still talk

We still have some KMART furniture, a guest bedroom is a perfect place for Kmart side tables where they will get very little use so won’t damage fast, up close you can tell they are no DA Lewis, but it’s our first home so we can’t have it all. We have the odd Kmart ornament, the quality difference is very minimal between them and the higher affluent stores. Ornaments are also something that doesn’t get used so it won’t wear. We tend to not shop at Kmart with a basket anymore where you just walk in expecting to walk out with something haha (we used to take a trolley).

Consumers now days are very much in touch with the trends and want to keep their finger on the pulse. There are so many ways you can adhere to these without buying into the Kmart craze. Our blog is all about showing you how, so check out our posts and keep that garage free!

NB: This is our own opinion, as we said we still shop at Kmart and their styles are super trendy. We are all about a good upcycle and want to educate that sometimes (like in this case) for the same price of a cheap piece of furniture – you don’t have to have cheap quality. We were not paid or incentivised to write this post.

Go upcycling!!!


5 thoughts on “Why we’ve broken up with Kmart

  1. Nice work guys. Completely agree. Everyone’s houses just end up looking like catalogues and very much the same, same. It does take decorating confidence to move away from mainstream though, which explains why it’s so popular. Also, people see DIY as expensey but it’s not not if you research and choose great instructions/tutorials. I’m biased as I make quality furniture but the day I saw a table made of MDF with fake wood plastic vinyl and edging that was literally a wood sticker…it kind of summed the quality expectationfor me. I do have kmart accessories in my home, but it’s stuff that doesn’t get a lot of wear: vases etc. Also, I see kmart producing items that are ridiculously closely “inspired” by creative makers…only at a fraction of the price and from very inferior materials. I call no fair.

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    1. Our thoughts exactly. We are all about helping educate people that it’s so easy to upcycle and to just give it a go. Those old pieces are the best!

      Thanks for your comment : )


  2. Totally agree with your thoughts. Kmart is good for the odd thing, and I don’t mind a half hour digging around to see what bargains are to be had and there can be many bargains. However, they’re not for the long term and I find I get sick of them pretty quickly. So are they really value for money? Depends whether you’ve got to have a quick fix or can you just have a decent look look at garage sales, trademe, or even what people are giving away at their gate? Then you can make it truly yours and not the same as the many “catalogue” homes that are out there.

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  3. Good on you. I get so annoyed when I pay big money for something and then I see it replicated in Kmart or TWH, it instantly lowers the value of the item that I have bought in from Europe. It made me so sad when I saw replica Kartell Ghost Chairs at TWH and would they last – I bet not! I like to be unique but the problem I find is I find something unique pay alot for it and then boom its replica is in KMART or TWH in a year or two. Good on you for looking for good design and making it your own!

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