Entertaining just got easier

We love how our little villa provides a perfect space to entertain. A huge selling point was the layout being flexible to both halves of the day and the galley style kitchen that leads to a rear private deck and garden. We love having friends and family over so they can enjoy our space with us, and it’s a great opportunity to show off what we’ve worked so hard to have and an even better excuse to get out the finer dinnerware and glasses. (is it okay for a 27-year-old to say that?).

Making our Kitchen more entertainment-friendly

We are spoilt with a modern kitchen but have made some key updates pre-summer so we can get some serious mileage out of that bad boy when the days are longer, the waistlines thinner and the weather warmer. We updated our splash back to make the kitchen brighter and appear larger, it also makes clean-up a dream.  The most exciting update we’ve made recently is installing a Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer™ Dishwasher… In White!!!

We haven’t had a dishwasher in past houses and have seen 4 seasons of entertaining without one in the villa, so needless to say this thing is a god send! We chose white as our Kitchen is white and they’ve specifically designed it to seamlessly blend with any kitchen environment and fit into existing kitchens (there used to be junk drawers there). We appreciate good design and we appreciate quality even more. The revolutionised design is more advanced, quiet and reliable than ever. Having flexibility with new styles of cycles, how you have the inside laid out based on what you’re washing and having a sterilising function makes it an asset to an entertainers kitchen.  We like to use the top as our “essentials” bulk loads and the bottom for the odd thing that doesn’t really warrant a wash right away. It’s perfect with the double drawers when you have a large group of people over and there are glasses a plenty and you need them rotating.

The heart of the home

Often people refer to the Kitchen as the heart of the home, we however argue that it’s a well laid out space that is the “heart” of the home as it provides atmosphere and so many good times and memories. We were even more spoilt to receive Fisher & Paykels, DishDrawer™ 20th year anniversary handmade dinner set in collaboration with artist – Felicity Donaldson of Wundaire. We’ve never owned something so authentic and unique. It’s amazing how a bowl can make Georgia smile haha. We like to use what we have rather than put it away to gather dust so we invited our good friends Myles and Nadia over for our first lunch gathering of winter.

The warmth of a well-heated home on an 8 degree Canterbury winters day, with a great spread for lunch, makes winter not so bad. Being able to easily clean up afterwards with the DishDrawer™ makes entertaining so much easier. We’re excited for the many events to come.

*** This post was sponsored however it was timely because we were looking at buying one regardless.  All words are our own : )


8 thoughts on “Entertaining just got easier

  1. Kitchen is looking good! If you don’t mind sharing Where did you purchase your dishdrawer from? How much was installation etc? New house has a quite old dishwasher and I would love a nice double drawer instead.


    1. Heya!

      You can get these Dishdrawers from Harvey Norman. They also provide an install service. Unfortunately for us we didn’t have a dishwasher before we had this installed so it cost $1200 to have it plumbed, old drawers removed and electricity hooked up (damn it). We couldn’t be happier with it!!!!


  2. Is this a sponsored post? Would be great to know whether you were paid or given free product for a bit of transparency to your recommendation.


    1. Heya.

      Yes we’ve partnered with them. We tagged collaboration on this post.

      Just so you know, we don’t partner with brands that don’t align with our own values and the blog posts are always our own words : )


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