A few tips for preparing for carpet

We’ve recently completed a whole house renovation which was kicked off by the desperate need for a cosy home with warm, plush carpet.

We are fortunate and very proud owners of a 1909 Villa, one of the square ones with the porch out front. We fell in love with it as soon as we walked through the front entrance to the open home. Walking inside, I remember thinking how amazing the house was, it was so spacious and we loved the flooring. After living in the house for a month we soon realised that what we thought we liked was actually a botched flooring install.

The house had cheap blonde oak laminate from the kitchen, through a disjointed hallway and in the entrance/living area. In the bedrooms, there was plastic feeling loop pile carpet, the type that could take a good party and you’d never know.

Before Photos

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Our little Villa never had a feeling of cohesion or home. Every room was separated and the light didn’t travel through the rooms. The laminate flooring.. where do I start!? The laminate panels were all chipped between joins, were puckered from the front door to the dining room which caused it to make a squish sound when you walked across it. The Carpet was so stiff we would prefer to wear shoes inside, especially with the chips in the laminate.

Autumn comes and we decided that we would get new carpet in winter. With the cold laminate and no underlay, our feet would be frozen touching the floor while in the living room and we didn’t want another winter with frozen feet. We had A LOT to do before then because the house needed some work before the carpet and new laminate went down. Sam and the team at Flooring Xtra were so helpful and did a great job at providing options that for our functionality and aesthetic requirements

Some things to consider before getting new carpet or laminate

Walls – If you are looking to replace any gib or rip any walls out, do this before the carpet goes down. The floor gets covered in dust and gib glue. If you need to touch up any walls, do this beforehand also so you can repaint.

Architraves – If you’re like us and want to replace your architraves for aesthetic reasons, do this beforehand because you will most likely have to alter your skirtings to suit.

Skirting Boards – Check all your skirting boards are the same and to a high standard, you may need to replace some or touch up the ones you have. Skirtings will need to stay off if you’re getting laminate but will need to be installed if the carpet is going down. If you have to replace skirtings you may damage your walls so give yourself some time.

Caulking – Look around the joins in architraves, skirtings, and window surrounds for gaps, use no more gaps to caulk the caps and touch up the paint. This is a LIFESAVER for uneven boards etc.

What’s under the old carpet – Turns out, our flooring was extremely uneven and the laminate was nailed down which goes against the concept of floating floor. We also had a huge rotten flooring panel so had to have that replaced too. Your flooring company will need to check the floor before the new flooring goes down.

What’s the purpose of your carpet – We had a strict must have… Thermal! We selected the best thermal underlays and they also double as sound absorbers, so think about style and function working together.

What are you doing with your furniture – Your furniture and “things” need to go somewhere while you get carpet, we were lucky to have a garage a front porch and a sunny day!

Our carpet is from Flooring Xtra here in Christchurch. Our consultant Sam took us through options in our price range and we landed on Fog Grey from the Miro range carpet paired with an 11mm 130KG Sleepyhead underlay

Carpet reveal

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