Who is Mooch Style?

Hi! We are Shayden and Georgia, the creative forces behind Mooch Style, a home and lifestyle blog based in Christchurch NZ educating others on how to DIY, shop efficiently and style spaces.

What began as an upcycling blog is now a platform for us to share our learnings with you. If you’re looking for a relatable couple – you’re in the right place, we pride ourselves on being authentic.

The couple's passion for upcycling isn't limited to interiors. Last Valentine's Day, Shayden gave Georgia a vintage Raleigh 20 that he'd refurbished.

Juliet Nicholas from stuff.co.nz says:

“They make a dynamic team. ¬†Georgia is laid back, creative and loves making a mess. Shayden draws up plans, keeps inventories and does everything at a million miles an hour. “I have to keep him busy,” says Georgia of her hyperactive fiance. “We’re very opposite but it works. Imagine if there were two of him! It would be crazy.

Say hi on the next post you’re reading!¬† We love to chat : )
Shayden and Georgia

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