Dressing your bedroom for autumn

Our Autumn Bedroom

Autumn is generally associated with burnt hues of orange, colder days, the rain returning and snuggly throws starting to make an appearance again.

In the house of Mooch Style, we like to stay minimalist with our colour scheme and get creative with textures instead. Our bedroom is the first area of our little villa to have some autumn treatment with our new duvet. We couldn’t look past EziBuy home for this one as they have just released their new autumn homeware range and it’s impressive.

Autumn BedroomAutumn BedroomAutumn BedroomAutumn BedroomAutumn Bedroom, Ezibuy homeware New ZealandDressing our plush wool rest bed up with their Macy pintuck duvet cover set was a comfort led decision. While we may not like the autumn look we still like to feel comforted and classy. 100% cotton and 250 thread count mean you’ll stay warm in the colder nights too. Subtle tones and a classic clean line design compliment the Pintuck Duvet design and gives you a perfect amount of depth for the autumn months ahead so you can just chill after work or in the weekends.

We’ve broken the white up with two black European stone washed linen cushions and the Ezibuy Ellis Pompom throw in charcoal (perfect around the house throw to have!)


Macy Pintuck Duvet  $140

Ellis Pompom Throw $50

When updating your look for autumn you can get creative like we have using the throw and pintuck textures meaning you have that autumn charm – without the orange.

Check out Ezibuy first!


Getting to know Newtons Chalk Paint

Blue up-cycled dresser, Mooch style

We have been looking for the right piece to trial a new paint type that we’ve heard so much about but never used.

When the lovely Ali from Newtons Paints suggested we try their paints we, of course, took her up on this.  Shaydens Mum is into shabby chic and has used it in the past and raved about it so we had to try it out for ourselves.Chalk finish paint

Chalk Finish Paint

Chalk Finish Paint is a self-priming, user-friendly paint that traditionally provides the ability to create shabby chic or distressed looks. Chalk Finish Paint removes the usual preparation that is necessary when using acrylic paints, no sanding or priming needed! The paint is a water based paint and has very low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and is environmentally friendly.

Benefits of Newtons Chalk Finish Paint – in our opinion

  1. Covers more surface area and MUCH easier than others we have used
  2. Colour range is extensive
  3. They are eco-friendly 
  4. Clean up is a dream
  5. Has plenty of products that compliment the paint 

The up-cycle

We upcycled some drawers that were in a pretty tired state.  They functioned great but the varnish was terrible and had marks all over it. We started by sanding back the top and drawers to bare wood, leaving the sides as-is.  We then wiped the sides down with a steel pad to remove any dust. Giving the paint a really good shake for a few minutes mixed it together and then used a small-ish brush to apply the first coat.  Be generous but not too heavy on the coats and allow to dry for 1-2 hours. We applied 3 coats to the sides carefully cutting into the top so it didn’t bleed at all.  When the paint was dry we applied 2 coats of beeswax (also by Newtons) to the top of the paint and the bare wood.

Click on the pics below to see the before and after 

We had never done this before and DAMN it looks good and makes your hands feel nice too haha. You simply just lightly rub in motions with a sponge and then after say 30 mins – 1 hour you wipe off with a cloth.  The wax will protect the paint and wood from dings, dust and water.

For the handles, they looked really horrible so out of the blue decided to use cotton rope, a super simple alternative to metal handles (and cheap). You cut it a smidge longer than the length you want and tie knots either end after its thread through. This was inspired by our low-boy we completed last year.

The colour we used was Newtons Regal Blue, they have a great range but this blue caught my eye for this project. As you can see the Blue is brilliant and compliments the wood.

Our experience with this paint is 100% positive, next time you have a piece you want to do up – think of Newtons.

Total spent:

Dresser – $25.00

Newtons paint and beeswax (will do another 2 projects) – $40.00


A new life for a side board

Up cycled side board

They don’t make furniture like they used to. I think we have all purchased a bargain buy at Kmart or the warehouse, spent a few hours putting it together then soon realised there is a reason it is so cheap.

When I won this piece on TradeMe the lady told me that she was going to take it to the dump because it was rubbish, well I bloody showed her haha!


When I got this sideboard home it was obvious that it was a solid piece and in pretty good shape. I sanded it back and was confused as to what I could do to make this beauty look any good, the side panels were a different wood to the drawers which made it look terrible and it had a horrible veneer stripping on all the edges, it honestly looked like one of nanas patchwork quilts….. to my paint box I went!!

I noticed I had two cans of Dulux Duramax Tranquil Retreat and this would cover this piece easily! The top had a really nice woodgrain and the drawers matched so I decided to keep them natural as well as the backboard.

Once the shell was dry I went down to Mitre10 to get some fine grit disks for my sander to finish the wood, I was walking past the rope section and had a thought that a white rope handle would match the paint and wood perfectly, so I took some of that too!

Upcycled side board - moochstyle

What was once destined for the tip is now a piece that I don’t want to part with, unfortunately we have our quota of up-cycles so this will be off to a loving family haha.

We are loving getting creative with furniture.  New Zealand needs more up-cycled furniture in our homes,  We can’t wait to own our own home one day and fill it with our up-cycles (fingers crossed that’s this year)

Side Board styled in lounge

Rope handles for drawersBlonde wood furnitureUp cycled side board



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Dresser with a twist

I have been wanting a new dresser for our bedroom but for the life of me couldn’t find one. I originally was thinking of spending $160 on a locker from Big Save because it was pretty cool and would fit in with our style but I knew that it wasn’t the best solution for my mountain of clothes that I was stacking in a bookshelf type setup.

If you are wanting a practical storage option always choose vintage, they are sturdier, have 100% more space inside the drawer cavities and come with aged charm that new pieces really lack plus they won’t fall apart after 6 months – they are 20+ years old already, they have already stood up to 2 generations of kids with markers and sharp objects to scratch their initials into them (I did that).


I payed $36.00 for it (was going to go to $60.00) I fell in love as soon as I put it in my car, it was an antique for sure! When I get my pieces home I put them on my up-cycling table outside and stand back and look at them and have a think about who I am up-cycling for, in this case it was me. Our bedroom has white furniture and I like to keep thing neutral for when we have a new house. This piece has a round shape on each drawer and some hideous old handles, but then I looked closer and noticed that the handles would actually be really nice if i lost the horrible plastic detail to them.  I decided I will sand it, have white drawers and silver (original) handles.

The twist…

Photo 30-03-16, 6 53 30 AM (1)

when taking the drawers out I noticed that the bottom one wasn’t actually a drawer but a cupboard – HOW COOL!!!! The chain was missing so I had to replace it, but such a cool place to put my shoes, boxing gloves or travel bags!

Hard work pays off

I chose Dulux Duramax USA Antique White.  I have used this colour before and its not as sterile as other whites and the paint is an up-cyclers dream to work with! I gave the drawers a light sand before taping off the edges, taking off the handles and then painting.

Photo 30-04-16, 1 33 38 PM

While they were all drying I sanded the shell of the dresser, this was the hard part. I use an orbital sander and I went through 6 disks of 80g sand paper.  I gave the dresser a REALLY good sand but left the edges of the dresser not 100% stripped back so it had a really cool aged look – I freaking love it.  I then went over with the finest sand paper disks and made it smoooooooth.

Tools for painting furniture


I left all the imperfections rather than filling them because they make the piece look like it’s had a life!

The fun part

Putting the drawers back in and handles on after you have cleaned them is so satisfying but you really have to let the paint harden before you do. As mentioned I use Dulux Duramax it hardens fast so I just went out for the arvo before I did this.


I chose a black flat chain after completely confusing the guy at mitre10 with what I wanted it for haha.

I never realised how fun oak is to style either, it has a really unique woodgrain and the colour is so nice.

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Colour pop dresser

I have been dying to sink my teeth into a new up-cycle project for so long and use the new Duramax paints from Dulux (i’ve heard good things and the colours are amazing).  I decided with this piece that I would post a before photo on our Facebook page and ask our followers what they would like to see. It was really cool to hear what people would recommend we had recommendations of greys, blacks, chalkboard, chalk paint and then one person said white with pastels. The Dulux colour range is more vibrant but worked perfectly!

The prepping stage

When you get to prepping your furniture this often confuses people as they don’t know if they have to send the piece or if they can spray directly onto it. I always sand my furniture lightly if it doesn’t have many blemishes. You can remove the coating completely if it is old and flaking. I highly recommend an orbital sander for this or if you’re sanding it lightly just use a 180 grit sand paper so you lightly break the clear film so the paint will stick better.

You should always undercoat your furniture using the matching undercoat for the paint that you are about to use. If you are wanting to have vibrant colours use a white under coat, if you are wanting your colour to be mid toned much like the cap shows – use a Grey undercoat.


Painting after undercoated

Now for the fun stage and in our case we had three different colours: yellow blue and pink. I marked on the inside of the drawers where they were positioned in line with each other originally so I wasn’t painting two blues and two pinks right beside each other. I painted all the blues first one coat then I put them aside and painted the pinks and then the yellows by this stage the paint was hard enough to apply a second coat on the blue, this is the advantage of using Duramax by Dulux.

Once the draws were all painted I put them away inside and started painting the shell. It’s really important here to make sure that anything you have already painted is well out of the way of spray –  trust me the stuff can travel miles.  You want to be aiming to paint your furniture with three coats minimum, once you have finished painting your three coats you can then use an acrylic over gloss to harden the topcoat and prevent any scratching/chipping in the future.


If you’re eager like me and want to get it into the house to style straight away…. Don’t do it!!!! You want to be keeping your furniture in the garage or a room for at least three days before putting anything on it to ensure that it has off-gassed and the paint has hardened 100%. Trust me this will avoid any heartache from paint chipping or denting.


Let us know what you think of our finished piece. We are so happy with it, it may possibly be one of our favourite pieces. Using multiple colours like this is a really cool way of bringing something different into your home without having to pay for everything to be in a new colour scheme. The multiple colours will suit any space, and what’s best is you have a one-off piece and everyone wants it.

Paint can be purchased from DULUX.CO.NZ or your local Bunnings / ask for the duramax range.

Re-decorating your bedroom for autumn

I spend alot of time online: my job’s online I keep in touch with my family online and I come home and Mooch Style is online.

I find that I spend so much time looking at what other bloggers and people are doing with their houses that I have let my house game slip. The biggest trend that stands out to me this autumn is linen. Linen throws, linen pillowcases, and linen duvets – the more you can fit onto your bed the comfier those weekends at home missing summer is going to be. Georgia and I often have debates in stores about colour schemes, I like slate tones like grey and black and she is more on the earthy, neutral train.  I can see here that a bit of planning is needed because as we all know these things are not cheap! I started the journey today with 2 black worn look linen euro pillows (so i’m going to get my way haha).

Plan your autumn bedroom with me

Planning your bedroom before going in blind and waving around the credit card like a lightsaber is going to save a whole lot of money, time and relationships. I’ll take you through my inspiration board for our bedroom, I have expensive taste but will of course wait for a sale or two.

Bedroom Inspiration

I like to have a look at what other people are doing and where they shop of course, saving a few pictures to a folder on your desktop or folder on your phone is always a smart move so you know what works and where.

Re-decorating your bedroom for autumn
Re-decorating your bedroom for autumn

The Bed

There are so many variations of colours: Blue Greys, Purple Greys, Brown greys – so you need to nail this colour pallet! My advice would be to whip down to your local Bunnings or Mitre10 MEGA and get some Dulux colour swatches that compliment each other, with these you can take them into the store with you when choosing your bedding to make sure they work.
4 pillows minimum, 2 to match the duvet and 2 to match the sheets. European pillows are also great for adding a heap of volume to your bed. Citta design is AMAZING for all things bedroom, you will get lost in their stores dreaming of winning lotto and taking the store off their hands.

Once you have the duvet selected wether it be waffle or linen – you then choose the euro pillows, I like to contrast but some people like to match the duvet to the pillows.

A throw will tie the whole combo together, a big trend at the moment is woollen loose stitch or a loose weave linen in a contrasting colour.

I want to go with a grey linen duvet, white sheets, 2 white pillows, 2 grey pillows and 2 black stone wash euro pillows finished with a dark green woollen OR a black stone washed linen throw.

Re-decorating your bedroom for autumnThe furniture

Furniture is very personal, we all like different pieces and for different reasons, I recommend before spending hundreds you have a look through the up-cycle feed on pinterest or on our blog for our bedroom up-cycles, old cane furniture or mid century is easily given a new look and the best part is, is that no one will have the same piece.

If you want to go modern I recommend taking a look at Freedom furniture, their furniture is affordable and a step above the likes of the warehouse and Kmart.

Bedside tables can be made from anything: old suitcases, pallets, chairs, ladders – I could be here all day.

Our room is quite large but has minimal storage so we have up-cycled Georgias old brown scotch chest white to suit our vibe and picked up a really sturdy metal clothes hanger for my shirts, belts and shoes from Kmart which is perfect because I work in an office so have ALOT of shirts.

Georgia up-cycled an old Queen Anne drawer to be a shelf and put it under a round leather mirror from Kmart (so good) and beside this we have an up-cycled white ladder which we have magazines and throws hanging off – this is really wall to add some life to your space. Again keep in mind your colour scheme, we are staying consistent with White, Grey and Black

Artwork and accessories

I have a huge fan of Society 6 and Paper Plane Store for artwork, I have a friend that have Black Listed Denmark – it’s incredible (right) and I have The Mound II by Reuben Ireland (left).

Often people forget about prints and photography but I think it is one of the most important features about a bedroom, it sets the scene and provides atmosphere.  You can see here that you can have small prints positioned aesthetically on your side tables or you can have multiple sizes in no order at all (my favourite).

I plan on taking a trip to australia and hope to find some really cool pieces in Melbourne for my walls (let me know if you recommend anywhere!)

All rooms should have plants!  There is a very fine line between classic linen and boho, either way I don’t think you can over do plants and I don’t think there is any rules for how you display them and what type you get.  I have a fern the drapes over a copper geo holder (love it) I wish I had more but want to sort out my rooms style before I get more.

Re-decorating your bedroom for autumnRe-decorating your bedroom for autumn Re-decorating your bedroom for autumn


Re-decorating your bedroom for autumnBelow are a few items that I have spotted during my travels and links to some really cool websites for inspo:
If you have a room on the go please get in touch!  I would love to hear your take on a seasonal room spruce up.













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How to achieve balayage drawers

I find my self pinning all these stunning shots on my pinterest account of other peoples up-cycled furniture.  One thing that has caught my eye multiple times is a balayage effect on the individual drawers, balayage is a gradual lightning effect (it may be a hair definition but we will use it here haha). I had just got my latest order from Voodoo Molly Vintage and was eager to open the cans and start throwing some paint around – im not kidding im a messy painter!!

6 steps to achieving the balayage look on drawers

  1. Getting started I lightly sanded down the furniture with a medium grit sand paper, if you don’t know what grit is what – just ask the team at your local hardware store, they are so helpful. Once this is completed and the finish is slightly roughed up you can then wipe down with a micro fibre cloth to remove all dust (I also use an old paint brush to wipe the cracks and grooves).
  2. I had 3 colours I needed to achieve so I separated the paint into 3 jars adding my VDMV Charcoal to each one making sure I had them at 3 different levels as I went.
  3. I then added white to each to bring them to the same level – mixing the darkest colour first so I can lighten from there.
  4. I then painted the drawers with 3 coats using 1 jar per 1 drawer allowing 1 hour drying time between coats.
  5. While the drawers dry this is a good opportunity to paint the shell of the drawers as you can rotate between coats – again 3 coats will be fine.
  6. Let them dry over night just to be 100% confident that the paint has worked its magic and hardened.

you are not a confident painter I recommend using the Voodoo Molly Vintage range, its coverage is like no other and is SO easy to paint.  The end product is always a stunning finish that you will be proud of.

Best indoor plants to use So what can we match with these drawers?  I would use these in a larger bedroom so you can see the stunning finish and appreciate the balayage effect with the paint. A Senecio Rowleyanus (string of pearls) plant would be perfect to drape over the side in a marble or terracotta pot (Kmart is your go to here). And then a nice tray or container for your makeup/haircare to finish it off.

We have had such great feedback from this project, give it a go and tell us how you get on, the balayage repainted drawers are a surprisingly easy way of up-cycling a really cool old piece of furniture and making it look better than a new piece because it has character and is styled specific to your home.

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Up cycled drawers

Georgia brought these drawers online for $15.00,  when we got it home Georgia was looking on Pinterest (checkout shaydennz) for some inspiration.  There is always some really cool inspo available but rarely how to and advice.
We knew we were working with wood and wanted to have the effect of when you open the drawer you see white with spots etc.

What we started with.

Photo 13-09-15, 3 37 26 PM
As you you can see we had a lot to work with, the drawers are a really cool Queen Anne style and have huge potential.
Georgia decided that she would like to keep them and wanted them pink with black insides and latches.

In progress

Photo 3-06-15, 2 17 59 AM
Our first rookie move was using a white primer, the pink came up Fluoro (shaydens cringing) so we went and brought a grey primer from our local Bunnings.
So when we are finished we go to put the drawers in and they no longer fit ARGHHHH – the paint swelled the chipboard sides.
Back to the drawing board………..
We decided to knock out the dividers and build a shelf as one of the drawers fit after a sanding on the sides. A piece like this would be a shame to write off so it pays to come into these things with creativity for challenges like this.
Georgia’s knocking out the dividers as I’m cutting a shelf to size, then a lick of paint on the inside so it all suits.
I’m still thinking about the pink going in the house haha so with Georgia’s steady hand she’s managed to get a lot of white on the outside, anddddd we are out of pink Hahahaha – I suggest we go black with a copper handle.

Prime it up again

And voila!
Photo 13-08-15, 3 55 41 AM

We plan on using this  in the office.
We would love to know what you think, if you have any questions leave a comment and we can chat!
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