DIY Christmas


It’s no secret that my family are a wild bunch of creatives, this Christmas I have noticed that we have all went over board on the deco’s and some have even dabbled in DIY to make Christmas that little bit more authentic.

My Step Mum is a machine on the end of a skill saw, we would spend hours making things for the home and garden when I was growing up I just loved it!




This year she sent through some photos of a project she had on the go for the front window display of her homeware store in Te Anau.

These are such a good idea when you want to try a good DIY project for Christmas and adds some character to your home/store front.


My Sister has inherited my mums love for going overboard on the Christmas deco’s.  She is pregnant at the moment so I can only imagine what her house is looking like with the extra time on her hands, her poor boyfriend is probably wrapped up nice and warm with a Christmas jumper (even though its summer here).

Ash is quite the artist so this year she has went for a DIY bobble decoration for the tree. She has put little pokemon inside them haha im sure they look super cool against her white tree.  So easy to do with a glitter jell pen.



My Mum goes ALL OUT every year for Christmas.  Christmas is really important to her so she decks the house out and seems to pack the house out more and more each year.  Some people think Christmas decorations and the like are tacky and annoying but for me it means family, love, laughter and SO much Joy.  I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers so when we are all home together its really something money cant buy so I say bring on Mums Christmas tree and the country chic style that her house screams!

Mum likes a full on tree so she adds some cotton decorations, metal birds, spray painted ferns and even some golden grapes

If you are wanting your house too have that extra Christmas look you could do what mum does and go crazy on the chalk painted furniture, it adds the rustic feel and is so comfy you just want to have a few drinks and catch up with the family and talk about the year that was.


Voodoo Molly Vintage Paints

Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint

This week we had the opportunity to use a new paint. I picked up a table for $1.50 off TradeMe last week so was perfect for testing.
You will be shocked at how little preparation and expertise is needed to transform your shabby and tired furniture into custom bespoke pieces.

No stripping, no undercoat and no wax formula will make your next project fuss free and full of character. The first thing I noticed was how amazing the colour range were for up cycles, the paint is EXTREMELY easy to apply and has great coverage.

The desk I up cycled was painted using Classic white and Duck egg blue.  These colours look so nice together and I am really impressed with both colours (that never happens).

If you are worried about using a brush vs spray I recommend you tubing a few techniques – or look out on VMV’s website for workshops.

I think it’s fair to say that this is my new favourite paint.  The piece is sitting in our office 2 weeks on and I am just so happy with the freshness of the colours and how its not streaky.

For your next project give Voodoo Molly a go – you won’t be disappointed!


Antique sideboard up cycle

I have a really exciting mid-century sideboard upcycle to take everyone through a “how to upcycle a sideboard”. I picked this up from TradeMe for $20.00 and it was literally like 50m down the road. When I pulled up to pick it up it was SO much larger than I originally thought (get a Mazda Axela – you can fit anything in those bad boys). 

In total I spent roughly $40 on filler, sandpaper and paint with the intention to sell this but I’m sure you can see why it is still sitting in my lounge not going anywhere anytime soon haha.
I didn’t realise the the veneer was in quite bad shape in the pictures so when I got it home I could see the hours stacking up but a great project is always worth it and this baby was quite a unique looking sideboard that I would hate to see go to waste.
Before I started I did a quick run through of everything I needed by giving it a REALLY good strip down and look over.  


  • Someone had done a DIY on the hinges and used a 3 inch nail and drove it straight through the side pillars : 0 I was horrified haha.  
  • The locks had no keys and were taped shut, bent and in bad order.
  • The handles are AMAZING but I will keep these for another project.
  • The inside of the drawers had Scooby Doo durable hahahahaha.
  • The veneer was chipped and dented with chunks missing.
  • Inside the cupboard, there was a wonderful New Zealand calendar from 1999 that had been cut up for the images and clear duraceled to the shelves – screams my nana hahahaha.
  • Veneer had multiple stains and fade marks.
As you can see there was quite a bit of work to be done so I wrote a list and off to Bunnings I went.
To start I used my new orbital sander (exciting) with a 80 grit to take the varnish off and smooth out some of the dents (more blemishes were exposing them selves haha.  When the sanding was done I brushed it all down and started to fill with Sellys Permafilla I filled each one twice and sanded in between fills. I was conscious that I wanted to change the knobs so I filled the existing holes as the new ones were a different size boring new holes at the same time. After a sand everywhere I wiped down with a microfibre cloth and begun the priming, I knew I wouldn’t need a stain blocker with this one because I was using Dulux Duramax range – this stuff is incredible!
My setup isn’t the best because I live in a unit so I make the most of the sunny days haha.
The colour selection for this was the most difficult stage.  I wanted to paint it an outrageous colour like burnt orange and Georgia pegged me in and we took a closer look at the room it was going in so white it was!  I did x3 white based undercoats sanding with a sanding sponge in between coats and x3 top coats in white again sanding in between coats except for the last white coat followed by a clear plastic coat.
The drawers and cupboard doors were really cool because they had a unique angled wood grain so I had already sanded these back with the shell QUICK TIP – always sand with the grain not against, it’s easier and turns out better every time. I used a dark charcoal stain that was in my shed and it was perfect! I brushed it on with a paintbrush generously and let settle for 5 minutes then rubbed off with a clean cloth.
The existing locks and hinges I painted Matt black, they came up great!  After letting dry thoroughly for 2 days I put everything together, the locks had no key so I have left them open and installed magnetic locks on the inside.
Overall I am REALLY pleased with this piece and have enjoyed the challenge, a heads up that these things take time, patience and detail so don’t rush them and cut corners because you will always notice them when you look at the piece.
As always would love to hear your thoughts, if you ever want our advice on anything just yell out!


Coffee Table Love

We picked this gem up from TradeMe today for $2.00!!!

We went with a Matt black top and plasticoted it so it doesn’t damage when cleaned.
The legs were going to be white but when you peel away the tape you never know what it’s going to look like – this time the original stained wood looked great.

To achieve this affect all you have to do is tape the section that you want original or to do later off. I always use newspaper and tape it just down from the original tape line to save on tape.  I sanded the top back as it was a bit rough but left the grooves of the woodgrain to give it a masculine look.

Black and Wood paired look great together, they can be added to a mans room or used as we have here to add a great effect to a room. If you are using in a lighter room decorate as we have here so it doesn’t darken a space, if you are matching with blacks to achieve a more masculine look I would add blacks and stainless steels.



Upcycling Nesting Tables


Nesting tables, everyones grand parents had them (probably still do).  They are the table that we often think are a bit nasty because if the treatments to the wood and the fact that your nana paired them with lovely doilies and the 1970s lamp which had a really dodgy light switch.

With a bit of creativity and patience you can create a piece that the shops no longer sell, Nesting tables will not date, they will always have that place in your heart and add a focal point to a room. Because of the style they will be universal with which ever paint type you choose: Minimalist Luxe – Pastels, Modern contemporary – High Gloss, Boho Chic – Flat and chalk paint.

I have wanted to up cycle a set of nesting tables in this style for a while but the prices on trademe and in thrift shops in NZ are ridiculous. My friends have quite the collection of furniture from generations of falling in love with certain pieces and then storing when a new piece was introduced.  So they kindly gifted me these to put my up cycling powers to work.

Originally I thought that a Pale blue with original brown would work – it didn’t!  Furniture up cycling can be a challenge at the best of times because you really have to think about which colours work together and then if they will work with the style of the pieces and of course fit into your home (a great book to help with this is Your home and garden’s Golden guide to redecorating).

Georgia is great for pulling me back in line, often when your in your creative element you get a bit blind sided so its awesome having her to overlook my projects and I guess the same . Down to Bunnings we went to get our paint, we spotted a new type of paint by DULUX called Dura Max this paint is the business!  It dries fast and hard, has great coverage and looks amazing. The colours we ended up using are “wiggle” which is the Citron colour for the top and “endless dusk” the amazing grey for the legs.

I got a bit eager and decided to tape then thought – I didnt take a before photo!  So here it is taped up ready to go.


Once taped I put new paper around the edges so the spray did’t go on the legs also, I always use a grey undercoat so the colour doesn’t go too bright. I gave the top 1 under coat and 2 good coats with Dulux’s “wiggle”. After 1 hour the paint was so hard I could flip it upside down on a sheet and mask off the tops underside edges and start with the legs – again 3 coats in Dulux’s “Endless Dusk”.

TIP: make sure you always use a high tack painters tape, this paint can take it (peel slowly) and you will have sharp edges like the pros!

What do you think of our colour selection?  We are always looking for a new project, if you want us to try an up cycle for inspiration leave a comment!


The KMART trend

Kmart Accessories

Kmart has always been known as the place where you can get socks for $3.00..

Things have changed.  Australia and New Zealand has gone CRAZY!  They have really lifted their home decor game and came into their own with it.  They have similar things to the likes of bed bath and beyond, Living and Giving, Farmers – the list goes on!  Now there is a secret underbelly of #kmartaddicts spreading their webs across the internet.

This is how bad it is, I work at a creative Agency – I mention Kmart and I see people necks jerk, their ears prick and a quick slide glance to get in on the conversation.  It always end up in a session of “I have your back”  if someone sees things such as a Geo candle holder, a white shelf ladder or a leather round mirror they get it and they get their friend one too.  I was on the hunt for the White Shelf Ladder, I couldn’t find one anywhere…… there may have been 2 daily trips to both Kmarts in Christchurch just in case, then one day I spotted it from the entrance I literally ran!  I was so chuffed I couldn’t stop smiling hahahaha I knew it would be an “asset” to our home.

So back to the underbelly, its actually become more of a monster formed with instagrammers, so who are they ….
Starting with the largest following we have the official page of Kmart Australia page
@KMARTAUS 85.1K Followers
Then followed by the Mac Daddy that shares fan posts and inspiration
@the_kmart_forecast 76.3K Followers

A few of my favourites….

There have been hashtags created that have up to 214K tags on them, I tell you its insane! My favourite is #kmarthack, this is where you take something from Kmart and put your spin on it eg: pain the legs of a stool yellow, paint your wire basket copper, put feathers on a child’s wild animal coat hooks.  I had a friend say to me “Shayden do you know what I some times do, I even walk through the kids section just in case there is something good there” hahahaha oh im still laughing.

So now the sharing of the images – check out their instagrams!
The KMART trendThe KMART trend46872-1The KMART trend



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Up cycling a stool

How to up cycle a stool
I find myself trawling TradeMe for the bargain of the week and calling into the local Eco-Store to see if they have anything of value.  Up cycling is a whole lot of fun if you have a bit of time on your hands and have a creative eye. Our weekends have turned from parties and clubbing to painting and stapling haha.
The $1.50 Stool 
I got this bad boy off TradeMe, I must admit in the right place it would have looked okay, it needed a bit of love though.  I had some left over paint and fabric from a project last week so decided to start work straight away.
  • Firstly I sanded the whole thing back with a heavy grit sand paper, finishing with a fine grit and wiping down with a damp cloth.
  • I then applied an undercoat twice, allow 15 – 20 minutes between coats and hold the can 30 Centimeters away so you don’t get runs.
  • I taped off the legs with masking tape to keep the legs natural, its such an awesome trend at the moment that is worth giving a go!
  • I then applied two coats of white to the undercoat and let dry completely.
  • Once dry I took off the tape (this is the exciting part) and BAM – you have natural legs.
  • I then applied 2 layers of plastic coat spray to coat the legs and the white so cleaning is easy (not a must but I like to do it) WARNING – this darkens the wood 
  • My Girl Friend I enjoy the part to come… covering the cushion, this lets us get creative with the area we can see the piece going in. We go down to spotlight and get a meter of fabric – we use the left overs on other things much like we have done here
  • fold the edges over-nice and tight then staple down with a staple gun – my advice here is to make sure you get the corners nicely tucked in so the cushion will fit in nicely.
Annnnnnnnd we are done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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