Real Home Series – Creative Comfort

Kasia Stanicich

What most girls will call a dream is the home and workspace of an entrepreneur, social media – Girl Boss Kasia Stanicich.

We’ve been watching Kasias journey for a few years as she’s gone from strength to strength so when we saw she had given her studio a facelift we asked if we could have a look! On the top floor of her family home is a dedicated space for Kas to create content and have clients over where she creates magic as a Makeup Artist. Her style is evident throughout the space, it’s both calming and glam – the perfect space for a client to feel pampered.

  • Kasia Stanicich
  • Oversized Mirror
  • Makeup Room
  • Kasia Stanicich

Tell us about yourself

Well, I’m Kas.. ha. I’m a full-time freelancer that dabbles in a bit of everything. I started with Makeup Artistry and have slowly built my blog and online space as well as offering content creation to local and international brands.

  • Kasia Stanicich
  • Kasia Stanicich
  • Kasia Stanicich

What is this space used for?

On the trend of ‘a bit of everything’ this space is a studio for my makeup clients as well as a home office for the weekdays. It’s pretty much where I spend 90% of my time, and it means I have a little creative hub right outside my bedroom.

  • Oversize mirror
  • Home work space

What was your vision for the space?

I just wanted to be able to do anything. I wanted to constantly be able to change and update colours/details based on what I’m loving, so I kept most of the fixtures white or natural shades. Right now, you’ll see I’m into a bit of gold- lol. I also wanted it to be a warm and welcoming space, so made sure to add soft furnishings and lots of seating! I can literally sit ANYWHERE.

  • Chairs
  • Kasia Stanicich

Where do you pull design ideas from?

To be honest, a lot of the fixtures were designed just based of what was in the budget- I’m lucky my Dad is a builder by trade and my brother is a joinery apprentice so the main feature (a la huge makeup storage) was designed and built by them to fit what I could afford. Once we found that was going to be all white I just started searching high and low on Pinterest for decorative aspects and a lot of those included some design books – which are proudly displayed around the room. You’ll see major inspiration for this room in the pages of those.

Kasia Stanicich

What’s your favourite feature or item?

While I’d love to say my makeup desk, it’s definitely all the gold. Look I’m not perfect and they aren’t all matching shades but they make everything look pretty and luxe and add a little glam.

  • Dried Flowers
  • Kasia Stanicich
  • Dried Flowers
  • Kasia Stanicich

Your go-to brands for this space?

Oh PAPIER HQ. I couldn’t thank Gabby enough for all the work she’s done to help me decorate with her prints. The walls were so plain until she worked her magic and she helped me pair pieces I already owned with some newbies that reflected my branding, style and the room itself. And of course the gold frames from Spotlight! So good right?!

Papier HQ

What’s next?

I’ve got a HUGE space to fill next to the mirror that my dad and I DIY’ed (and I want to be totally millennial and get a neon sign) and then just adding personal touches to what’s already here. Ideally, I’d love to repaint the walls, they’ve got a green tinge to them right now which makes client photos almost impossible sometimes. Plus I’d love to replace the blinds with something less… black. They were perfect for the original use of this space (my brother’s gaming room) but I’m all light and bright now! Then I’ve just got a lot of ‘bulking’ to do with accessories- including more coffee table books. I need a whole library of things.


You’ll find me at…..
Lifestyle Instagram – @kasiaastanicich
Website – 
MUA Instagram – @kasiastanicichmakeup


Real Home Series – Villa Revived

Avon Villa Kitchen

This real home has been a 5-year labour of love for an Oamaru based shearer, extensively restoring and reconfiguring a 1909 villa to its former glory with a few modern twists. Perched on a hill, blanketed with period villas that reflect the towns rich shipping history, this beauty has a view that very few have the luxury of having from their own home. We take you through a grand project in it’s partially renovated state that sparked our attention on Instagram @Avonvillaoamaru as Cameron shares the story of his Oamaru villa restoration project.

Cameron is in the process of removing all the plaster from the exterior and unearthing the stunning detail that was hidden years ago. He’s changed the floor plan in places and removed all wall linings to fully insulate the house. The proof is in the pudding when it comes to the detailing. Take note of things like stained glass, window pannelling, the lighting as Cameron has bought back the character that was once stripped from his home.

Who Lives here?

Currently just the wardrobes and a few paint cans, however, 28 year – old Cameron Nimmo, a sheep shearer from Oamaru and his Grey Hound have plans to move in over the next year as the reno comes closer to being livable.

The style & year of the home and why they chose it

Cameron always wanted a character home, the high ceilings, grand spaces and wanted a project that I could put his mark on. Location was a huge deciding factor, being a country boy the main roads and hustle and bustle of cities didn’t really speak to him so where better than the hills of Oamaru?!

The vision Cameron has for his home

Keeping with the age of the house is always front of mind when beginning any part of the reno and to restore what had been ‘modernised’ over the years so things like the plaster on the exterior needed removing, the floor plan needed to change to move the kitchen and bathroom. Anything new going in has to look like it could have fitted in originally. Antique auctions have been great for picking up great furniture pieces and also trademe for second-hand house parts. Cameron has plans to live in this house so that vision is important.

What made you renovate?

For insurance reasons, Cameron had to remove and reline the walls as they were all scrim. The Reno was a must for that reason and also to bring his vision to life. While the walls are off it’s the ideal time to upgrade everything but also inspired the removal of the plaster on the exterior of the house, revealing for the most part – weatherboards in good condition so a HUGE job but worth it. It would have been quicker to build new and possibly cheaper but that wasn’t something Cameron was interested in because there is something satisfying giving this place a new lease of life.

The original renovation was never planned to be at this scale (hence why it has taken longer) but Cameron has ensured that he keeps true to craftsmanship and does his best by the house.

Where do you draw styling inspiration from?

Walking through the renovation with Cameron, it soon becomes apparent that he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to character homes. Drawing inspiration from older homes in the UK and heavily influenced by a teacher he worked with on a gap year in South Africa who introduced him to William Morris and all his designs. Cameron also turns to Pinterest and Instagram to plan and inspire his projects.

Down the hall, antique lights hang from the 3.4m ceilings that Cameron acquired from local auctions and he has quite the collection of furnishings that compliment the grandness of the aesthetic ready to unveil when the renovation is finished. The Kitchen which is a Pinterest dream come true has a beautiful tap sourced from Perrin & Rowe the brass lights he worked with the team at Design Federation to find and the cabinetry also includes a fully integrated Dishdrawer by Fisher & Paykel.

Any regrets?

“I don’t think I have any regrets, but if I was to do a similar project again it would definitely be a quicker process”. You learn a lot when renovating DIY, especially when doing a project of this scale. Cameron has learned a lot about old houses and the best thing is that they are not perfect, nothing is straight and it really shouldn’t have to be. It all tells a story and gives the house character.u

Oamaru House
Avon Villa

Favourite things about your home?

For Cameron the house is his labour of love, so he’d be lying if it wasn’t the whole project as it’s coming together nicely. The Kitchen painted in Resene double Foundry and crafted by a local joiner is very clearly a statement but the new flow of the house after knocking down a few walls and changing the floor plan avoids separate spaces like original villas had. The kitchen and living now flow and the spaces are going to be more liveable now making the function of the home more enjoyable.

Where everything is from:

Wallpaper Wallpaper direct
Paint by resene Black white on cieling and trims, Double foundry in kitchen and doors, exterior is Karen Walker periclacial Bluewith black white and tapa for the bottom trim detailing and Grey Friars for the roof.
Joiner – Rycole Joinery
Tiling and stone work – Nehoff precision
Kitchen lights and curtains (TBC) – Design federation
Kitchen flooring – Flooring xtra

Real Home Series – 1960’s boho botanic bliss

Eclectic shelving

Opening the doors to her 1960’s home in Mairehau, Stacey Weaver takes us through the house she’s made a home. From the dried flowers in her kitchen to the most peaceful workspace that leads to a private garden, this home is truly a piece of art created by one creative lady!

Who lives here?

Stacey Weaver a 32-year-old Girl Boss, self-employed, photographer and creator of botanic art print, accessory and homewares brand Just South West, her boyfriend Lance and her gorgeous little grey cat called Blue. Stacey is an art lover through and through and it’s fair to say her home is a true reflection of that passion.

What style/year is the home and why they chose it

It’s a cute butter yellow 1960’s weatherboard house surrounded by a brick fence and gardens that Stacey has been nursing into her own botanical bliss. The house had a lot going for it, the central location, generous room size, beautiful french doors that she pictured opening onto the deck that’s now built, it was in Stacey’s price range and she could immediately see the value in a DIY renovation and moving on with some money in her pocket to do it all again.

The vision Stacey has for her home

Being a photographer and lover of all things art, light and bright is important for her houseplants to flourish. A marriage of modern boho within a traditional shell for the styling with a clean colour palette for re-sale.

What made you renovate?

When renovating, Stacey keeps in mind that this home is her first, she has been mindfull of renovating spaces that improve the homes function and flow. The deck was a must because it increases the floor plan and theres nothing better than basking in the sun with a few G&T’s.

Where do you draw styling inspiration from?

Stacey worked at a local homewares store, Copper + Pink, her time here obsessing with eye candy and art influenced a lot of the styling. Pieces in the home have been purchased mostly second hand via trademe, eco store, garage sales. In fact, only three items of furniture in her house have been bought brand new. (a sofa, her desk and bed) and collected since 2010. The amazing art she has on display is mostly gifted or swapped with friends in the industry. The eclectic mix of pieces come from a love of New York Lofts and their styling.

Any regrets?

Being organised helps with having no regrets, although Stacey wishes she used more expensive wood for the long shelves in the dining room but was trying to do on the cheap!

Favourite things about your home?

The first thing I purchased for my home were paper shades, so my oversized shade in my bedroom. Sitting on my new deck in the sunshine. And the little pockets of dried flowers hanging in the dining / kitchen.

Real Reno – Master Bedroom Remodel


A master bedroom is like the middle child, it’s a great room but the glory and attention are often taken away by the kitchen and living space.

When Mooch and I were planning our house reno it was this room that was so easy to plan.

The old bedroom was the same shade of pinky-white on the ceiling, skirts, walls, sill and architraves. At some point, someone removed the original decorative architraves and skirting boards and replaced with smaller rimu versions that had then been treated to multiple coats of paint over the houses 110 years. We were replacing everything throughout the house to restore some character and elegance and this middle child wasn’t an exception.

THE THEMEWooden shelf

We always start our renovations with a vision/theme. I’m a plant man, so I may have had a jungle in mind for our room, it sparked the theme of the room, natural tones with a big focus on green through plants and a feature wall.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We continued the black-white from resene in this room, accented with a flat alabaster ceiling, semi-gloss skirting boards and architraves and the boldest move to paint the wall behind our bed head “Celtic green “ by resene. Georgia fell in love with the colour when the velvety blues and greens were on trend as it wasn’t too rich or muddy for the rooms natural colour palette.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I mentioned above that we upgraded the detailing in this room, this was quite the process for first time DIYers. We opted for MDF versions of the period features from Bunnings. Our favourite feature is the James Hardie, Hardie groove wall behind the bed. It plays on the 3m high cielings and you can’t miss it when walking past the bedroom.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Exposed Shelving

The shelving system is from mitre 10, it only came in white and we wanted to match it to the black fittings throughout the house so we sprayed it black using white knight enamel paint. We wanted wooden slats to tone down the room so decided to invest hours into stripping back the rimu architraves and skirting boards, were so pleased with how they finished up and it’s nice to have elements of the house’s history included.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The Curtains are all custom made for this room by Russells Curtains and Blinds. We had one of their local consultants come around and provide advice on what we should choose. We could style with Nicky any day, her advice was invaluable to our bedroom reno. With Russells, we made the decision to go floor to ceiling with natural toned linen, backed with their thermal lining. If this blog had a feature where you could touch what’s in the photos Russells will have to employ more consultants because they are absolutely stunning! You’ll notice the black rail with the reverse box pleat heading style, again another recommendation from Russells to tie in with the houses aesthetic.


The carpet is Fog grey from Flooring Xtras Miro range, a solution died nylon so Frankie doesn’t damage it. The choice to go this colour was heavily lead by Sam at Watkins flooring xtra who helped us in store and even came to our home to help us decide and bring us back down to earth with what was practical when you have a boxer puppy that uses your hallway as a quarter mile time trial.


We’ve styled this room to compliment the fixtures and colour scheme. The pendant and bed head are both from katamama, our favourite store for our house as everything as a natural tone and they are locals to Christchurch so you can go into their store and physically see everything.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our cushions are from H&M home and Foxtrot Home. We are VERY picky with cushions and we’ve found they both have the best range of linens and naturally toned cushions.

Our duvet is from ezibuy home, we’ve been longtime fans of their homewares especially their duvets and outdoor furniture.

This has been such a cool transformation and is now the best retreat after a long days work!

Real Reno – Guest Bedroom remodel

Grey Carpet in bedroom

We love having people stay, our little villa has surprisingly large bedrooms, we’re not talking a rugby field but we are also not talking one of those rooms that could easily pass for an office. If you follow our Instagram you will know this journey, but here’s some background to the madness.

When planning our guest bedroom reno we decided to go bold. The room doesn’t get used often but the door is always open and you can see into it when walking down our hallway, so we wanted to create a sense of comfort for whoever sees it. The biggest challenge we faced was the paint colour, we were tidying up the walls and installing new skirting before the carpet was installed so needed to pick a colour that complimented the rest of the house.


Georgia led the charge with this room, we knew it was going to be a bolder room than the others so while we were painting the second guest bedroom we were deciding on the colour. The options were deep blue, olive green and grey, however, it was important that the room tied in with the other colours in the house so we ended up choosing to go a darker grey. The styling came naturally as the wooden furniture and white trims helped the colour become a statement so we leaned towards a boho/desert aesthetic.


The colour embodies a sense of comfort and added continuity to the colour scheme we had in the living spaces. We landed on Half Baltic Sea by Resene, a warm grey that demanded a boho styled bedroom. It was a huge departure from the all white colour tone that was in this room previously so was probably the biggest risk we took with the colours. You often hear people say that painting a room dark makes it feel enclosed – not the case, this room feels so much taller and cosy now.


The addition of the tall period feature skirtings, painted in Resene Alabaster was a great move and one that was influenced by Three Birds Renovations when Bonnie recommended cutting costs with skirtings by either going thin or getting a replica. The ceiling is over 3m high and the darker colour really extends it so we needed something higher than the 50mm ones that were originally there.


We took the opportunity here also to replace the switch plates and light switch with our favourite switches by PDL Schneider this has also been a small change but everyone notices them!

The previous carpet was a looped pile polyester that felt like walking on plastic, the underlay we found out was all in cut up sections and half of it was actually just carpet underneath it so we replaced that with a solution died nylon recommended by Watkins Flooring Xtra. We decided to go with Fog Grey by their Miro range with an 11mm thermal underlay, plush is an understatement and the colour is perfect.

The Curtains were so important for us for this room, keeping in mind that we had ugly pelmets and tall ceilings we wanted to hear from the experts what they think we should do, so we booked a consultation with Russells Curtains and Blinds. A local consultant Nicky came to our place equipped with thousands (literally) of fabric samples but started by listening to our challenge and then popped out to her van and bought back a range of linens. With her, we decided to go floor to ceiling white linen with a block out thermal liner, this would give us the elegance we’ve tried to add to the house, stay with our boho style theme and the added warmth.

The curtains still blow our mind with how warm they keep the room and how having them handcrafted has meant that they are 100% tailored to our space.  You’ll also notice that we’ve gone with a black rail to keep on theme with the black features in the house, a nice suggestion from Nicky that we didn’t think we could do.


The walls really set the tone here, heaps of white, heaps of natural timber and so many textures. We started by setting a tone and it was one of soft textures, so we knew we needed natural timber (ties in with the rest of the house) linens and soft throws. We actually had items from our house before we renovated that helped bring this room together. The white linen duvet cover by Domani X Farmers, bedside tables in a natural timber from Kmart and accessories by freedom.

To capitalise on the giant walls, we went hunting for baskets to put on the walls to avoid the risk of the room feeling too cold. These were sourced all over the place, from thrift stores to the likes of H&M Home. It was a fun mission but ended up a tiresome one too – no one had baskets like these (check out our video on how to make a basket wall).


The curtains and carpet were an opportunity to add comfort, texture and warmth to this room so we weren’t hesitant to invest in a premium product to give the house more warmth in the winter.


The furniture is easily a save, the two bedside tables look like $400 ones from a premium store but were $40 each from KMART.  The dresser was $1:50 that I upcycled!

Isolation Bay – Georgias Surprise Weekend Away

Isolation bay Tekapo

With Georgia’s Birthday coming up I wanted to do something special for her. It’s been a massive year with losing her mum, her grandad, getting married and renovating our house. I thought about a weekend away with the pooch, but shes just spent 4 months straight renovating with me, there’s so much more she needs than just me: family, friends, relaxation, a change of scenery and laughter.

I was keeping tabs on a weekend close to her birthday and locked in the location of Tekapo with everyone coming as it’s only a 3-hour drive from Christchurch. I got talking to the team at isolation bay and we teamed up to give her the best birthday surprise I could have imagined – and she had no idea what was happening.

I told Georgia on Saturday afternoon to pack her bags because I’m taking her away for a few nights. All she was concerned about was where Frankie was staying! A couple of colleagues from her work helped me organise an additional day to the public holiday off so we could stay two nights.

After dropping Frankie off at her own accommodation at Eyrewell forest en route to Tekapo we stopped at Lake Tekapo Farm Tours where Nicole, Georgia’s sister met us, followed by my sister Ashlee, her partner Dylan and their son Weston, Georgias friend Brooke, Jax and her daughter Blake and my sister Hayley.

Lake Tekapo Farm Tours

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We kicked it off with feeding a few Alpacas and a couple of friendly Merino Sheep, after that we had a tour of the original Mt John woolshed then got in Janes mystery machine and headed in-land to check out the views and history that Balmoral and Mt John stations had to offer. Our guide Jane talked us through the land use throughout the last century and the farms use today. The views along every stop were incredible, my camera couldn’t keep up. The milky blue water which Jane explained was created by rock flour from surrounding glaciers. The glaciers grind rock into a fine dust. This rock dust is floating in the water and causes the turquoise colour you see. I loved stopping at the glacial creek and having a glass of possibly the freshest water. The kids loved this too, Weston and Blake were right in there scooping a few glasses to drink/throw.

Isolation Bay

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The vista that this accommodation offers is like no other, I’ll have to write another post on this alone because I have a lot of photos to share! We were guided there by the lovely Bonnie. As you drive down a shingle farm road toward the isolated bay, you’re greeted by this oversized house that mirrors the surrounds with its giant glass front and wooden exterior. Walking in your breath is taken away by the grand size of the inside and the panoramic views of the lake.

The house was clearly designed to follow the sun, in the morning you enjoy a coffee, soaking up the atmosphere from the front. In the evening you head to the back where you have a BBQ and open up the largest stacking doors you’ve ever seen to create a tunneled view out the front before retiring to the luxury feel in the center of the house where you literally can’t stop looking at the lake and mountains.

The beauty of isolation bay is that it’s designed with families and large groups in mind. Sleeping up to 18 the house is large enough that a large group just seems like a small gathering. It really was the perfect retreat with our family and friends!

Silver River™ Stargazing

This one really blew us away. None of us had been stargazing before so we didn’t know what to expect. Jane, the tour guide from the earlier tour comes backed with years of experience in star gazing, there wasn’t a question she couldn’t answer and they were being fired at her from all angles once we all got behind the telescope.

The views of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and the moon were really something else! I’ll be doing this again and I really hope with Jane because she was so helpful and enjoyed a good laugh at all the different reactions to what we were seeing. The groups favourite was, of course, the moon because of the detail but my sister Ashlee was VERY impressed by Mars. There was even a shooting star to top the night off.

We had the most amazing time and it wouldn’t have been nearly as good without the company of our friends and family. I recommend you check out the places above because they really are the perfect example of what makes Tekapo so special.




My Parents Rustic-Modern New Build

farm kitchen

On a recent trip home to Te Anau, I visited my parent’s house and I couldn’t wait to see their finished new home build. They are well known by friends and family as keen renovators taking on numerous whole house renovations that most people would walk away from in the first week, so of course, the challenge was all too tempting for them.

The Location

Settled just 5 minutes from Fiordlands town of Te Anau down a shingle drive sits the 333 sqm two-story new build including a gottage (garage cottage) on 8.5 acres with their two dogs and three cats. If you’re in the vegetable garden behind the house you’ll enjoy the views of the Takitimu Mountains, and as you sit in the lounge you can admire the Murchison Mountains from all angles through their windows, being home is more like an alpine retreat than staying at your parents.

The house

My parents home had interesting beginnings, they purchased it as a shell, no landscaping with the 10-year-old cottage already attached and being lived in while the previous owner hadn’t made many movements in the previous 4 years. The exterior of the house was completed and the inside framing had been completed. The house is framed with 6×2 Jframe and lined with woollen/polyester insulation and the foundations were all thermal breaked. The windows are commercial alloy, think European quality and that’s what they have.

Family on farm

The piping is Geo Thermal and works via a solar PV system which has been designed for the sub-zero conditions that they frequently get in Te Anau. This winter has been the test for them as they have been in the house almost a year now. The Metro Eco wood burner they use to heat the house heats every corner, with the double glazed windows doing their job to insulate so all their efforts to insulate have paid off, the house is piping hot with no curtains shut at night.

The finishing

Moving into the Gottage in October 2016 with the plan to complete the house over the next year it was an extreme downsize for them going from 242 Sqm to an all in 1 cottage. Rounding up contractors proved challenging when renovating in a town that is rapidly growing with baches and housing. When they got going there was no stopping them apart from a few minor setbacks with finding available tradies.

“I didn’t have a vision beforehand. We knew we wanted rustic mixed with modern so went to Guthrie Bowron and spent a while looking through wallpaper books and when we found the right paper, we styled around it”.

Rustic headboard

With 3 spacious bedrooms, the first guest bedroom has been styled with a wallpaper feature wall that looks like the old boards on our farm stable, this created the base look and feel for the room. The headboard fireplace is actually the original fireplace surround from one of the bedrooms in the 1926 Bungalow on our farm, this room was used as our nephew’s bedroom over the last year when he and my sister lived with them. So my step mum has big visions to complete the rustic feel in the future.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 12.15.40 AMScreen Shot 2018-07-23 at 12.15.28 AM

The second guest bedroom was styled around a duvet. They both liked the colours and patterns, so set the tone from there. The wallpaper is a geometric 3D effect that absorbs the colours from the room to give a fresh feeling. To warm up the space and continue the rustic feeling in this room they’ve used wooden side tables and a dresser. The view from these rooms makes art and prints redundant with the framed view of the Takitimu mountains.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 12.15.17 AM

While the other bedrooms have double wardrobes, the master has a walk-in and a large ensuite. The wall behind the bed has a 3d effect floral print feature wall and has been styled a little darker than the other rooms with all the light coming through the large doors that frame the Murchison Mountains and step out onto a private deck.

The Kitchen has a separate scullery for all my step mums preserving jars and appliances. Wanda’s had x2 brand new kitchens now cooking for 5 adult kids, their partners and a grandchild when we are all home so had a list of things a new kitchen needed to have.

  • Shaker Style cupboards
  • Large Island 
  • Bricks 
  • Oven to entertain 
  • White cabinetry 
  • Modern rustic feel

The feeling when walking into this kitchen is exactly what Wanda set out to do. Everything works so well together and the hanging swingle tree light feature is the statement and ties the rimu wood in with the rest of the house.


The living room connecting to the kitchen bordered with windows and a sliding door has panoramic mountain views. The wallpaper, a pressed tin effect gives the space a grand feeling and ties in with the ceramic pressed tin style tiles in the kitchen.

Rumpus room

From the living room, you walk upstairs to a rumpus room that scales the length of the house. The intention here was to create a comfortable den-like space where you can retreat for a cosy, warm relaxed atmosphere. My step mum loves books and the atmosphere of a library (hence the wallpaper). We’ve spent many hours up there playing pool and having drinks and laughs. There’s the most amazing sitting spot that has a low window where you can read a book, have a cup of tea and look at the mountains. This space also doubles as my dad’s office so has a masculine feel to the furniture up here.

little boy and dogcowP1230641JPG

My parents home is exactly what they envisioned for them. A space that pays homage to the rural background of our families and the historic homes my parents have lived in. This house proves that a new home doesn’t have to be state of the art, glossy and minimalist. It’s refreshing to see my parents living in a home that is truly them.

Wallpaper and paint – Guthrie Bowron

Lighting – Lighting direct 

Kitchen – Mitre10

Tiles – Tile Centre 

Carpet – All Lay 

Windows – Aluminium Services