DIY – Herringbone Table

I managed to get my hands on a really funky mid-century style table. It was in reasonable condition so I was on the hunt for some inspiration to up-cycle the table. I have always admired the geometric designs that people are starting to incorporate into their designs, they take a bit of skill and patience to execute.  With a free weekend ahead I thought “RIGHT … Continue reading DIY – Herringbone Table

How to achieve balayage drawers

I find my self pinning all these stunning shots on my pinterest account of other peoples up-cycled furniture.  One thing that has caught my eye multiple times is a balayage effect on the individual drawers, balayage is a gradual lightning effect (it may be a hair definition but we will use it here haha). I had just got my latest order from Voodoo Molly Vintage … Continue reading How to achieve balayage drawers

Kmart Ladder Shelf

The side table

Our first side table up cycle!! It’s been really hard to pick up old pieces of furniture to up-cycle in Christchurch for a reasonable price. I came across a great little occasion table off trade me from Nurse Maude which seem to have great bargains all the time (don’t auction battle me).  It’s summer here in New Zealand and I really want to make the most of the great weather we … Continue reading The side table