My Parents Rustic-Modern New Build

farm kitchen

On a recent trip home to Te Anau, I visited my parent’s house and I couldn’t wait to see their finished new home build. They are well known by friends and family as keen renovators taking on numerous whole house renovations that most people would walk away from in the first week, so of course, the challenge was all too tempting for them.

The Location

Settled just 5 minutes from Fiordlands town of Te Anau down a shingle drive sits the 333 sqm two-story new build including a gottage (garage cottage) on 8.5 acres with their two dogs and three cats. If you’re in the vegetable garden behind the house you’ll enjoy the views of the Takitimu Mountains, and as you sit in the lounge you can admire the Murchison Mountains from all angles through their windows, being home is more like an alpine retreat than staying at your parents.

The house

My parents home had interesting beginnings, they purchased it as a shell, no landscaping with the 10-year-old cottage already attached and being lived in while the previous owner hadn’t made many movements in the previous 4 years. The exterior of the house was completed and the inside framing had been completed. The house is framed with 6×2 Jframe and lined with woollen/polyester insulation and the foundations were all thermal breaked. The windows are commercial alloy, think European quality and that’s what they have.

Family on farm

The piping is Geo Thermal and works via a solar PV system which has been designed for the sub-zero conditions that they frequently get in Te Anau. This winter has been the test for them as they have been in the house almost a year now. The Metro Eco wood burner they use to heat the house heats every corner, with the double glazed windows doing their job to insulate so all their efforts to insulate have paid off, the house is piping hot with no curtains shut at night.

The finishing

Moving into the Gottage in October 2016 with the plan to complete the house over the next year it was an extreme downsize for them going from 242 Sqm to an all in 1 cottage. Rounding up contractors proved challenging when renovating in a town that is rapidly growing with baches and housing. When they got going there was no stopping them apart from a few minor setbacks with finding available tradies.

“I didn’t have a vision beforehand. We knew we wanted rustic mixed with modern so went to Guthrie Bowron and spent a while looking through wallpaper books and when we found the right paper, we styled around it”.

Rustic headboard

With 3 spacious bedrooms, the first guest bedroom has been styled with a wallpaper feature wall that looks like the old boards on our farm stable, this created the base look and feel for the room. The headboard fireplace is actually the original fireplace surround from one of the bedrooms in the 1926 Bungalow on our farm, this room was used as our nephew’s bedroom over the last year when he and my sister lived with them. So my step mum has big visions to complete the rustic feel in the future.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 12.15.40 AMScreen Shot 2018-07-23 at 12.15.28 AM

The second guest bedroom was styled around a duvet. They both liked the colours and patterns, so set the tone from there. The wallpaper is a geometric 3D effect that absorbs the colours from the room to give a fresh feeling. To warm up the space and continue the rustic feeling in this room they’ve used wooden side tables and a dresser. The view from these rooms makes art and prints redundant with the framed view of the Takitimu mountains.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 12.15.17 AM

While the other bedrooms have double wardrobes, the master has a walk-in and a large ensuite. The wall behind the bed has a 3d effect floral print feature wall and has been styled a little darker than the other rooms with all the light coming through the large doors that frame the Murchison Mountains and step out onto a private deck.

The Kitchen has a separate scullery for all my step mums preserving jars and appliances. Wanda’s had x2 brand new kitchens now cooking for 5 adult kids, their partners and a grandchild when we are all home so had a list of things a new kitchen needed to have.

  • Shaker Style cupboards
  • Large Island 
  • Bricks 
  • Oven to entertain 
  • White cabinetry 
  • Modern rustic feel

The feeling when walking into this kitchen is exactly what Wanda set out to do. Everything works so well together and the hanging swingle tree light feature is the statement and ties the rimu wood in with the rest of the house.


The living room connecting to the kitchen bordered with windows and a sliding door has panoramic mountain views. The wallpaper, a pressed tin effect gives the space a grand feeling and ties in with the ceramic pressed tin style tiles in the kitchen.

Rumpus room

From the living room, you walk upstairs to a rumpus room that scales the length of the house. The intention here was to create a comfortable den-like space where you can retreat for a cosy, warm relaxed atmosphere. My step mum loves books and the atmosphere of a library (hence the wallpaper). We’ve spent many hours up there playing pool and having drinks and laughs. There’s the most amazing sitting spot that has a low window where you can read a book, have a cup of tea and look at the mountains. This space also doubles as my dad’s office so has a masculine feel to the furniture up here.

little boy and dogcowP1230641JPG

My parents home is exactly what they envisioned for them. A space that pays homage to the rural background of our families and the historic homes my parents have lived in. This house proves that a new home doesn’t have to be state of the art, glossy and minimalist. It’s refreshing to see my parents living in a home that is truly them.

Wallpaper and paint – Guthrie Bowron

Lighting – Lighting direct 

Kitchen – Mitre10

Tiles – Tile Centre 

Carpet – All Lay 

Windows – Aluminium Services 


Preparing the living room for paint

When renovating the inside of a villa, there are a few things you need to consider. Do you keep it traditional to its character, or modernise so when you’re inside it’s like you’re in a new home. This is particularly important when starting in the living room like us.Traditionally, villas were designed to face the street, leaving little planning as to where the sun will be and what time of the day it will be there. That being said as you enter our house you walk straight into our living area, it sets the tone for the house, the atmosphere for the space so of course should be well considered.

There was little connection between the areas of the house, no flow means enclosed spaces ultimately making the house seem small and not overly entertainment friendly. The living room had also played subject to a DIYer who really didn’t care about what they were doing, bubbles behind painted wallpaper, ripples from earthquake movement that were plastered over and more dodgy botch jobs than a plastic surgery in LA.

Renovating our living room

It’s exciting renovating, but can be extremely overwhelming from the get-go. Where do you start? What will the investment be and is it worth it? What can you do yourself and what should you get a tradie for and of course, how is it all going to pull together at the end?

We learned a few things in the preparation stage that we thought is worth sharing for first time renovators as essentially, that’s what we were!

Stage 1 – Research and Plan

Some people will start with a spreadsheet, others start with a timeline, we start with a mood board. Knowing what you want is far more valuable to the project than knowing how much money you have in the bank. If you start by making a mood board of what a living space in your home will feel like in your eyes, you can start being realistic with your self in terms of what style you actually like and will it actually work in your home.Check out our mood boards for living rooms and Villas, they certainly helped us narrow down the mass of ideas that we had.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 11.54.36 PM

Useful places to collate information from:

  • Pinterest – Easy to create boards and share them with your partner or family so they can attribute their thoughts.  You can also pin directly from the internet if you stumble upon an image you like.
  • Instagram – Our favourite for getting feedback from people and inspiration from accounts you like to follow.  We often search hashtags like #nzhomes #villarestoration #characterhome
  • Facebook Groups – Ask questions on Groups like NZ Home decor tips tricks and advice, ask for photos from people that have done the same thing, this is great because it’s real life – not staged imagery.
  • Your home and garden magazine – Amazing for New Zealand home renovations and they share content that is relevant and helps.

Now is a good time to start ordering swatches from places like Resene and Dulux to match them to the decor you have or confirm that they are hitting the mood board vibe. Smaller things like getting switches and lights are easy to do while work is being done and gets you out of the house while the paint dries!

Stage 2 – Price and Timeline

If you are making structural changes or working with several professionals, it’s important to take your time to be 100% on everything before you begin so that you are less likely to have regrets when you are finished. Get quotes from at least x3 people and always look for credibility. Websites like are always failsafe for finding the expert tradesman for the job.

The price at this stage is indicative of where you came to with your mood board. We always spreadsheet money we have spent on renovations to keep an eye on not over-capitalising and it also helps us be realistic as to what is a reasonable budget for each room. For our lounge, we were happy to go a little extra higher as it does set the tone for the house and is the room we spend the most time in and leaves the first impression for guests. At this stage, it’s a good opportunity also to find out what you can do to save cost that won’t disturb the professionals.


Who we used:


For the skim coating, we used Dans Decorating. Dan did my parents house who are long-time renovators and couldn’t recommend him enough. You know you have great tradies when they walk in and make you feel super comfortable, it really shows in the finish of his work how experienced he is!


We had to remove all the switches and plugs so Dan and Ryan could do their thing so of course used Todd from Rossiter Electrical. Like Dan, Todd makes everything easy as and is fantastic at providing advice on lighting and switch types etc.


Our Friend Ryan who is a qualified builder removed a door and a non-structural wall and had that sorted in no time, he’s a pro with his own home reno on the go.

Stage 3 – Prep work and completion

This part probably seems the longest of the lot because by this stage you’re so excited that you’re finally here – but it’s still not done, yet.


Do what you can to prepare, it also gives you a sense of involvement too. We stripped all of our wallpaper using a $60 KMART garment steamer – lifesaver. We also applied a pigment sealer after sanding the walls to hide the hideous pink and every other colour under the sun before Dan came in to do his amazing magic like work with the plaster.

We tried to make it as clean as possible in the area for the tradies so when they come in it’s easy to find what they are looking for. Preparation is difficult and you may start wishing you never started. In the grand scheme of things it’s very little work for the amount of satisfaction you’ll get from it – so persevere! It’s funny, you start to understand your house so much more when you take sheets of plaster and GIB off the walls, you see its imperfections and then find some quirk and beauty in it too.

From here, it’s over to the finishing touches to get the room done – stay tuned for more info on our reno!


Choosing lighting for your home

Feature light in lounge

The right choice of interior lighting can add so much to the look and feel of your space. You may want cosy, clean and minimalist, make a feature of a specific piece of furniture/art or simply just light up the room. There are a few things you should consider from the start of your light purchasing process to ensure you have all your ducks in a row to really optimise your home’s lighting. Todd from Rossiter Electrical helped us with our lighting in the villa, so we catch up with him for some professional advice.

Natural Lighting 

Lounge chandelier
Feature light installed by Rossiter electrical

Natural always trumps! There’s nothing better than walking into a space that is lit up naturally. If you’re like us an have issues during the winter with lighting, you may want to consider your skylight options, many houses have the ability to have a skylight built into the roof or installed in verandahs that are designed to shade during the warmer months.

A key thing to consider here is how you work with the light. Fresh walls and reflective objects allow the sunlight to bounce throughout the room. If you want to let the sun in during the say and hide it at night, consider roller blinds so you don’t block any sunlight with curtain gather during the day.

What’s the use of the light?

“A lot of people don’t know what they want.  When choosing lighting, start with what the light is for ie: prepping meals in the kitchen or adding more light to a lounge” Todd says this will help you start looking in the right direction.

People are using pendants in kitchens, however, finding that the level of light they produce isn’t great for preparing dinner so look to have task lighting installed instead. “Talking with your electrician when you’ve found the lighting you would like saves a headache and an empty wallet. Your electrician can tell you before you’ve purchased it if it will be enough to light your space and to your needs” Lighting store staff are always helpful also.


“I’m seeing a lot of feature lights above dining tables connected to dimmers. This creates a dining experience at home that can be tailored to your requirements. There are so many ways you can add ambience to a home through lighting eg: amber bulbs have an amber light that can add a vintage vibe, LED strip lighting can be altered via a remote with different colours and levels of light”

Pendant lights 

Pendant lights in a kitchen
Pendant lights installed by Rossiter Electrical

Pendants are a universal feature style of light. They are great for villas with high ceilings like ours and to make a statement in areas like lounges, kitchens and foyers. Pendants come in all shapes and sizes and allow you to accessorise your lighting with the style of your home. We’ve chosen oversized LED bulbs with black pendants. We like the glass and black contrast so will flow this throughout the house.

You can also choose from a range of lengths, sizes and styles of rope, you can even wrap the rope around hanging bars to create an industrial effect. You can get pendant lights with upward of four bulbs, historically this would mean high electricity bills but today LED completely eliminates that and you have a much larger range of bulb style to choose from.


“LED downlights are popular as you don’t need to cut bats, can generally swap with existing units and are up to 88% more efficient than standard lights,” says Todd who installs many of these style lights in new and existing homes. “Downlights are the perfect spacial light, install them wherever you want to light up and they don’t cause any distraction to the eye. Downlights are installed in modern homes as they keep the room clean from shades that date or handing lights when the ceilings aren’t as tall as that of a villa”.

LED strip lighting

You see these in architectural builds, negative details with non-intrusive LED lights. LED strip lights can be used to illuminate a stairway, for kitchen lighting and creative lighting like ceilings and surrounds “clients sometimes prefer to source these themselves via sites like Aliexpress. The issue I’ve found with those lights is while they are cheap they are time-consuming to work with because of their low quality. You are always better off going with local companies that guarantee their product and you don’t risk dead LED’s or rework”.


LED light switch

Switch Plates – “It’s increasingly popular to have clients ask me to replace all of their switch plates in their homes.  Whether you are renovating, building or going for a more modern plate the options are endless… Illuminated backlights, push on – push off, various colours and textures and push on – push off dimmers.”

LED bulbs – The majority of lighting today is LED, why? because it’s energy efficient and safe! LED bulbs also come in all shapes and sizes. Work with companies like lighting direct, we found them extremely helpful to recommend the colour and size of bulb for our spaces

Smart bulbs – Like everything else today, you can control your lights from your phone. The bulb talks to your smartphone and can be dimmed, change colour and even turn on when you want them too (read more here).

So what should you look out for?

Gone are the days of the 99 cent bulb.

  • Always go LED, it last for years and you’ll never have to change the bulb.

Avoid buying off aliexpress 

  • You lose quality and won’t have the lifespan. Downlights are often NZ made and affordable and it’s worth investing in quality LED.

Be careful with pendants

  • Pendants are more permanent so consider resale or a change in room use, the last thing you want is two pendants at the foot of your bed….


Rossiter Electrical 

Lighting plus 


A homewares tour of Ponsonby Road

Before travelling to Auckland I had heard so much about this suburb, it’s dining, fashion boutiques and drinking options and of course its housing. On a sunny Friday morning, I biked from the city to Ponsonby to check out what options were available for the home. On the way there up college road, I had to hop off my bike so I could appreciate all the houses, they all looked just like our villa at home and there was so many of them! As you look around you see wisteria covered porches, grand bay windows and skillfully crafted fretting – I was in heaven. After soaking up the views I was eager to see where the people in these homes shopped locally for their homes, so I continued on Ponsoby road on a quest to check out what was available.

Bob & Friends

I was parking my bike from the Grand Mercure outside a charming villa on Ponsonby road and noticed that it was a homewares store also so went in for a look. Walking in I was greeted by the lovely store owner who told me to have a good look around.

P1200019WOW was my first impression, her exorbitant collection of homewares allowed you to browse like you would a museum. Bob & Friends is a store that brings a collection of contemporary British design to Auckland with a range of furniture by leading designers such as Mathew Hilton, Donna Wilson, Kay and Stemmerlee Kirkbridge, Gareth Neal, Terrence Woodgate and Rob Ryan.

I would shop here for the finer things to differentiate my home like modular scandi style shelving and the sustainably designed and developed lighting options by Tala (in love).

I loved how each room had a new feeling, toward the back of the house you could slouch in the chairs and picture the furniture in your own home. Being a villa it was even better for people like us who have a villa with high ceilings and white walls just like theirs!

Ponsonby Homeware store

Indie Home Collective

After stopping in for lunch at Blue Breeze I spotted Indie Home Collective from across the road and recognised the name from Instagram.

Indie Home CollectiveWalking in I knew that Georgia would like this store. A modern interiors store with an organic vibe, not trying to be something it’s not – I like this! Located in the perfect spot for shopping and dining on Ponsonby Road, the boutique historic space had white tongue and groove floors and was styled perfectly to relax when you were inside. The store person also made you feel extremely comfortable as she ran me through how each piece is carefully selected and why. Owned by the hugely talented Claudia Kozub, she has fantastically executed a feeling of comfort and home. I’m always influenced by a store that has a bounty of plants so maybe that’s why…

This store stocks international homeware brands such as The Scent of Home & Wonki Ware (so amazing). These sit alongside exclusive lines including Bedouin Societe & Ay Illuminate.

You often find stores that have a small amount of white washed linen blended with soft monochrome furnishings – but not one that nails this throughout their store – Indie Home Collective does!


Indie Home CollectiveIndie Home Collective

Ponsonby Plants

I go to Auckland and I find the best plant store yet – standard me!

Ponsonby Plants was such a great find in the cracks of the hustle and bustle.  I saw this across the road as I was biking to lunch so pencilled it for my way home. This store has been here for longer than I have been alive, so I imagine they’ve seen Ponsonby thrive also.

P1200122Richard DeGrandpre, owner of Ponsonby Plants is to thank for this haven. He grows the bonsai and cacti himself, as well as producing some of the pots with a varied maturity of plants from months old to years old. The price of the plants generally reflects the care and time that gives you a plant like a fiddle leaf fig that is almost as tall as you or a hanging vine that drapes like no other.

I heard locals in the store as they were admiring the bonsai’ saying how this store is the only store that offers the “in” plants when the others struggle to source them.

What’s even cooler about this store is they have worked with brands like Huffer and MTV, when you’re inside you will see why they go to this location for the plants – they have everything!

Get plants for your home people, not only are they healthy – they look so much better than anything else.

Auckland Plant storesBonsai Tree AucklandAuckland Plant stores



H&M Christchurch opens its doors

New Zealand’s second H&M Store is opening its doors to Christchurch and we were invited, joined by our favourite Christchurch influencers to a guided tour of the new store before the madness unfolded on Saturday morning with people camping out over night to be one of the first in the new store. The Crossing”.

Located in our newest retail precinct “The Crossing”, H&M have graced us with New Zealands first H&M Home department. The new store, wrapped around the corner of High and Cashel in a strikingly designed building both inside and out, caters to all ages and of course their homes too! Refreshingly relevant styles for clothing had Georgia shopping her heart out and the homewares just blew me away as they were all new styles that we haven’t seen yet here in Christchurch.
Home ware

It’s obvious that H&M design their home wares just like clothing: edgy, current and functional. The colours you’ll see in the home section are bound to shake things up. You’ll see antique blues, millennial pink, golds, olives and organic cotton. If it’s linen or velvets you’re after this is the store to shop, they’ve ensured that they are turning up to impress!

We both enjoyed how affordable H&M was store-wide. This global giant puts a lot of effort into carefully designing their lines and it’s so great that Christchurch is now home to H&M.

If you’re a corporate, fitspo, fashionista or a casual dresser – there’s something for you!

Following the walk through we were treated to a celebratory meal and cocktails at the moody Twenty Seven steps.

H&M ChristchurchH&M storeMooch Style Georgia Brian and Shayden WhippsBloggersHome wareLightingStore personChopping boardHOMEVanessa OrtynskyChristchurch BloggersH&M HomewareStore peopleHayley&coChristchurch BloggersTwenty Seven StepswineTwenty Seven Steps

How to style your house with white walls

Having white walls in a house is a controversial choice based on who you are talking to. Growing up we had textured wallpapers, borders and multicoloured wallpapers, all things that you only see today in motels that haven’t seen the bristles of a paint brush in over 20 years.

Here’s how we’ve used our white walls as the base and worked out from there…

Choose a colour pallet

Painted Bookshelf

Because white works with anything, you’ll have to choose a colour pallet that best reflects your style. Pastels, bold hues, vibrant colours – they all work and often together.

With our house, we go bold with black and the rest stays to a natural pallet. The two work really well together as black helps a piece stand out where you want it to and the subtle colours like sky blue and slate greys naturally blend together and don’t compete.

On the other hand, your white walls could look seriously cool with pops of bold colours and plants always look great with the colours too.

Styling white walls
Image sourced via pinterest

Select your material

Scandi bedroom decor, Guest Bedroom

Scandinavia is a great example of people who style well.  Everything in a good Scandi home is complimentary and adds depth without competing.  We take this method and apply it to all of our furnishings and manchester.  Pompom knitted throws, thick cotton woven cushions that match our tribal style died rug, linen bedding and natural wood tones offset with black and white – they all work together as natural styles but also natural colours – which looks great with white!


Get your style hat on

The best thing about white walls is that everything soon becomes a focal point (something to be cautious of too). We use it to our advantage as we love to style. Our favourite purchase is our HUGE Chelsea light in our lounge. Always remember that lighting can add so much character to a room, especially if the whole room is white. We love using glass to style, glass reflects light and is so simple and easy to dress up!  Lastly, you should try styling with plants instead of “things” you’ll have a healthier home and they look so damn good! (See how we’ve styled with plants here).

Painting an Edwardian washstand

Edwardian Washstand

The Edwardian period was a time where the dark hues of the Victorian times were replaced by a more cheerful colour pallet and design.

Georgias Dad bought this stunning Edwardian washstand a while back, complete with a solid marble top. Being raised by antique loving parents I was a little worried about painting this because I know what they would say… BUT furniture is about you and your home. We don’t stain our furniture because we like the natural look beside the white walls, some stain theirs a yellow tone, some stain them dark – it’s all down to preference.



The brief was “cream”

We’ve used many shades from many paint brands but the one I knew would be perfect for this was “aged white” by Newtons Chalk Finish Paints. This paint we find to be so much easier to apply. Because we are close to winter and I like to upcycle outside I had to paint with the gaps of sun so it took a while. I applied 4 coats of paint, the last of them a thin one.

If you’re going to take on a piece this big I would recommend painting in a heated garage so your coats can dry OR in the summer so you can paint outside.  I like to paint outside so I can see the colours naturally and how they work with the piece.

This was a time-consuming project but in theory, it’s pretty straight forward, here’s what I required:

  • Paint Brush 
  • Masking tape
  • Sandpaper

Newtons paints require little to no prep work so a light sand and I was on my way. Making sure the piece was well masked was important so the finishing came up really well. If you feel this paint is a little thick, which chalk paint can be – just add a little bit of water and shake it up, this works a treat.



As you can see the piece came up so well.  I really like the colour we went with, the chalk finish ties in so nicely with the character of the piece too.  If you’re into shabby chic, an alternative to sanding back the paint is using a product Newtons have called “Antiquing wax”. This way you can choose how far you go and buff off accordingly.

If you see one of these beauties around, pick it up! The marble top alone is worth the price and look how those tiles pop now!

How we restored a bookshelf

Painted Bookshelf

Displaying a group of objects in a home adds an area of interest where people naturally gravitate towards. In our lounge, we have applied the rule of thirds to our main wall.

The rule of thirds in design basically means that objects are visually more appealing in odd numbers.  We’ve applied this by having three stacked vintage suitcases to the left, our TV and sideboard in the middle and our newly upcycled shelving to the right.

The restored Bookshelf

We like to be bold with our furniture so we make sure it all aligns to a cohesive style that exists throughout our home. Our latest find was a home made Rimu bookshelf from a lovely couple that I would guess made it many years ago. I’m always glad when I pick up furniture because It’s a bit like a classic car where you know someone really enjoyed it back in the day and with a bit of TLC – it can be enjoyed for years to come.


Usually, with furniture, I have found it on TradeMe after putting hundreds of items on my watch list and making a last minute bid.  This was a different story, I knew what I wanted and I’ve spent months looking for it, so when I found it I flicked them a message and asked for a buy now!

Keeping the piece in-line with our recently upcycled sideboard with Loftmotif hairpin legs, I sanded it back with 80 grit and then 120 grit disks and painted it with black fence stain.  Now why I use fence stain for these pieces is because it dries fast and I like the streaky look so they are not “Jet black”. When the bookshelf was dry, I applied a coat of Newtons beeswax. If you’ve read our blog recently -you’ll know I love this product!! After an hour I buff it off with a microfibre cloth and prepped the wall.  Using wall plugs for GIB I made a template that aligned with the holes and marked it up level on the wall.

After a few minutes, it was easily installed and really secure because of the wall plugs I used.


Then for the fun part – styling!! We already had all the ornaments and plants from a KMART ladder shelf that was there before, but of course had to buy a new plant for the occasion… a drooping one too!!


We love our lounge, even more, it all works so well together and surprisingly we have a huge amount of floor space now!


  • Shelves $20.00
  • Wall plugs and screws $6.00
  • Plant $23.00

Making a sideboard out of a cabinet

Mid century sideboard

Sideboards are great, you can put things in them to hide the clutter, they can look really cool and fill awkward spaces that look like they are missing something.

We came across a local business called Loftmotif when we were looking for unique lights for our little Villa (high ceilings mean the options are endless).  Loftmotif is driven by a passion for good design, quality products, and fair pricing – this is what we are all about!  Local to Christchurch also so we had to check out what else they had on offer. We were instantly drawn to their hairpin legs, as you probably know we have a love for vintage wire furniture so we’ve been on the hunt for a use for them so we had an excuse to get some haha.

Up-cycling the Cabinet

Recently we purchased an old cupboard, it’s super sturdy, about 1400mm long and in great quality. The shape of it was perfect for under our TV and we knew straight away that we could make it work with the Loftmotif hairpin legs! We got in touch, purchased the Black powder coated variant and had them delivered (so exciting).

Mid century side board
Pinterest example

Originally we had a few styles in mind that we had pinned on Pinterest, although they are not the same shape, the style could transfer!

What we really liked was how bespoke this piece looked.  We are all about having furniture that not everyone has!

When we sanded the piece back it was obvious that it wasn’t going to work if we based it on the Pinterest example, so compromised and painted both doors Dulux Duramax Satin Black.  We then just went into the shed and started mixing some Black fence stain (not sure why or what we were going to do).  Doing brush strokes thinly in some places and thicker in others gave the piece such a cool look so we stuck with that haha.  Once the stain was dry we used our favourite product – natural beeswax by Newtons paints, the beeswax provides a nice finish, is easy to apply and ensures your piece will be protected from spills, dust etc….. and it’s beeswax so it’s bloody cool haha.

Installing the hairpin legs

Now for the fun part. The legs were super easy to install, we followed the guide on the Loftmotif website and we were SO lucky because the legs fitted to the mm because of the width of the cabinet.

A few screws and we were done!

We are SO impressed with the end result and is custom made for our home. Being a third the price of the ones we were looking at for that space means we have more coin in our pocket too!

Have a space that needs a sideboard or table?  Check out Loftmotif.


Loftmotif legs – $115
Cabinet – $35
Paint and wax – already had it