Real Home Series – 1960’s boho botanic bliss

Eclectic shelving

Opening the doors to her 1960’s home in Mairehau, Stacey Weaver takes us through the house she’s made a home. From the dried flowers in her kitchen to the most peaceful workspace that leads to a private garden, this home is truly a piece of art created by one creative lady!

Who lives here?

Stacey Weaver a 32-year-old Girl Boss, self-employed, photographer and creator of botanic art print, accessory and homewares brand Just South West, her boyfriend Lance and her gorgeous little grey cat called Blue. Stacey is an art lover through and through and it’s fair to say her home is a true reflection of that passion.

What style/year is the home and why they chose it

It’s a cute butter yellow 1960’s weatherboard house surrounded by a brick fence and gardens that Stacey has been nursing into her own botanical bliss. The house had a lot going for it, the central location, generous room size, beautiful french doors that she pictured opening onto the deck that’s now built, it was in Stacey’s price range and she could immediately see the value in a DIY renovation and moving on with some money in her pocket to do it all again.

The vision Stacey has for her home

Being a photographer and lover of all things art, light and bright is important for her houseplants to flourish. A marriage of modern boho within a traditional shell for the styling with a clean colour palette for re-sale.

What made you renovate?

When renovating, Stacey keeps in mind that this home is her first, she has been mindfull of renovating spaces that improve the homes function and flow. The deck was a must because it increases the floor plan and theres nothing better than basking in the sun with a few G&T’s.

Where do you draw styling inspiration from?

Stacey worked at a local homewares store, Copper + Pink, her time here obsessing with eye candy and art influenced a lot of the styling. Pieces in the home have been purchased mostly second hand via trademe, eco store, garage sales. In fact, only three items of furniture in her house have been bought brand new. (a sofa, her desk and bed) and collected since 2010. The amazing art she has on display is mostly gifted or swapped with friends in the industry. The eclectic mix of pieces come from a love of New York Lofts and their styling.

Any regrets?

Being organised helps with having no regrets, although Stacey wishes she used more expensive wood for the long shelves in the dining room but was trying to do on the cheap!

Favourite things about your home?

The first thing I purchased for my home were paper shades, so my oversized shade in my bedroom. Sitting on my new deck in the sunshine. And the little pockets of dried flowers hanging in the dining / kitchen.


My Parents Rustic-Modern New Build

farm kitchen

On a recent trip home to Te Anau, I visited my parent’s house and I couldn’t wait to see their finished new home build. They are well known by friends and family as keen renovators taking on numerous whole house renovations that most people would walk away from in the first week, so of course, the challenge was all too tempting for them.

The Location

Settled just 5 minutes from Fiordlands town of Te Anau down a shingle drive sits the 333 sqm two-story new build including a gottage (garage cottage) on 8.5 acres with their two dogs and three cats. If you’re in the vegetable garden behind the house you’ll enjoy the views of the Takitimu Mountains, and as you sit in the lounge you can admire the Murchison Mountains from all angles through their windows, being home is more like an alpine retreat than staying at your parents.

The house

My parents home had interesting beginnings, they purchased it as a shell, no landscaping with the 10-year-old cottage already attached and being lived in while the previous owner hadn’t made many movements in the previous 4 years. The exterior of the house was completed and the inside framing had been completed. The house is framed with 6×2 Jframe and lined with woollen/polyester insulation and the foundations were all thermal breaked. The windows are commercial alloy, think European quality and that’s what they have.

Family on farm

The piping is Geo Thermal and works via a solar PV system which has been designed for the sub-zero conditions that they frequently get in Te Anau. This winter has been the test for them as they have been in the house almost a year now. The Metro Eco wood burner they use to heat the house heats every corner, with the double glazed windows doing their job to insulate so all their efforts to insulate have paid off, the house is piping hot with no curtains shut at night.

The finishing

Moving into the Gottage in October 2016 with the plan to complete the house over the next year it was an extreme downsize for them going from 242 Sqm to an all in 1 cottage. Rounding up contractors proved challenging when renovating in a town that is rapidly growing with baches and housing. When they got going there was no stopping them apart from a few minor setbacks with finding available tradies.

“I didn’t have a vision beforehand. We knew we wanted rustic mixed with modern so went to Guthrie Bowron and spent a while looking through wallpaper books and when we found the right paper, we styled around it”.

Rustic headboard

With 3 spacious bedrooms, the first guest bedroom has been styled with a wallpaper feature wall that looks like the old boards on our farm stable, this created the base look and feel for the room. The headboard fireplace is actually the original fireplace surround from one of the bedrooms in the 1926 Bungalow on our farm, this room was used as our nephew’s bedroom over the last year when he and my sister lived with them. So my step mum has big visions to complete the rustic feel in the future.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 12.15.40 AMScreen Shot 2018-07-23 at 12.15.28 AM

The second guest bedroom was styled around a duvet. They both liked the colours and patterns, so set the tone from there. The wallpaper is a geometric 3D effect that absorbs the colours from the room to give a fresh feeling. To warm up the space and continue the rustic feeling in this room they’ve used wooden side tables and a dresser. The view from these rooms makes art and prints redundant with the framed view of the Takitimu mountains.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 12.15.17 AM

While the other bedrooms have double wardrobes, the master has a walk-in and a large ensuite. The wall behind the bed has a 3d effect floral print feature wall and has been styled a little darker than the other rooms with all the light coming through the large doors that frame the Murchison Mountains and step out onto a private deck.

The Kitchen has a separate scullery for all my step mums preserving jars and appliances. Wanda’s had x2 brand new kitchens now cooking for 5 adult kids, their partners and a grandchild when we are all home so had a list of things a new kitchen needed to have.

  • Shaker Style cupboards
  • Large Island 
  • Bricks 
  • Oven to entertain 
  • White cabinetry 
  • Modern rustic feel

The feeling when walking into this kitchen is exactly what Wanda set out to do. Everything works so well together and the hanging swingle tree light feature is the statement and ties the rimu wood in with the rest of the house.


The living room connecting to the kitchen bordered with windows and a sliding door has panoramic mountain views. The wallpaper, a pressed tin effect gives the space a grand feeling and ties in with the ceramic pressed tin style tiles in the kitchen.

Rumpus room

From the living room, you walk upstairs to a rumpus room that scales the length of the house. The intention here was to create a comfortable den-like space where you can retreat for a cosy, warm relaxed atmosphere. My step mum loves books and the atmosphere of a library (hence the wallpaper). We’ve spent many hours up there playing pool and having drinks and laughs. There’s the most amazing sitting spot that has a low window where you can read a book, have a cup of tea and look at the mountains. This space also doubles as my dad’s office so has a masculine feel to the furniture up here.

little boy and dogcowP1230641JPG

My parents home is exactly what they envisioned for them. A space that pays homage to the rural background of our families and the historic homes my parents have lived in. This house proves that a new home doesn’t have to be state of the art, glossy and minimalist. It’s refreshing to see my parents living in a home that is truly them.

Wallpaper and paint – Guthrie Bowron

Lighting – Lighting direct 

Kitchen – Mitre10

Tiles – Tile Centre 

Carpet – All Lay 

Windows – Aluminium Services 

Making a sideboard out of a cabinet

Mid century sideboard

Sideboards are great, you can put things in them to hide the clutter, they can look really cool and fill awkward spaces that look like they are missing something.

We came across a local business called Loftmotif when we were looking for unique lights for our little Villa (high ceilings mean the options are endless).  Loftmotif is driven by a passion for good design, quality products, and fair pricing – this is what we are all about!  Local to Christchurch also so we had to check out what else they had on offer. We were instantly drawn to their hairpin legs, as you probably know we have a love for vintage wire furniture so we’ve been on the hunt for a use for them so we had an excuse to get some haha.

Up-cycling the Cabinet

Recently we purchased an old cupboard, it’s super sturdy, about 1400mm long and in great quality. The shape of it was perfect for under our TV and we knew straight away that we could make it work with the Loftmotif hairpin legs! We got in touch, purchased the Black powder coated variant and had them delivered (so exciting).

Mid century side board
Pinterest example

Originally we had a few styles in mind that we had pinned on Pinterest, although they are not the same shape, the style could transfer!

What we really liked was how bespoke this piece looked.  We are all about having furniture that not everyone has!

When we sanded the piece back it was obvious that it wasn’t going to work if we based it on the Pinterest example, so compromised and painted both doors Dulux Duramax Satin Black.  We then just went into the shed and started mixing some Black fence stain (not sure why or what we were going to do).  Doing brush strokes thinly in some places and thicker in others gave the piece such a cool look so we stuck with that haha.  Once the stain was dry we used our favourite product – natural beeswax by Newtons paints, the beeswax provides a nice finish, is easy to apply and ensures your piece will be protected from spills, dust etc….. and it’s beeswax so it’s bloody cool haha.

Installing the hairpin legs

Now for the fun part. The legs were super easy to install, we followed the guide on the Loftmotif website and we were SO lucky because the legs fitted to the mm because of the width of the cabinet.

A few screws and we were done!

We are SO impressed with the end result and is custom made for our home. Being a third the price of the ones we were looking at for that space means we have more coin in our pocket too!

Have a space that needs a sideboard or table?  Check out Loftmotif.


Loftmotif legs – $115
Cabinet – $35
Paint and wax – already had it


An up-cycled chair for my valentine

I’m all about a gift that has a purpose, last years valentines day I up-cycled an old Raleigh Twenty for Georgia and surprised her with a picnic. This year I wanted to do something similar but have whatever I did for the home.

I was looking on TradeMe as I do for vintage furniture to up-cycle and found this old 1960’s chair that was in need of some TLC  so hit buy now for $30.00.

It didn’t take much to restore this chair, some hard sanding, bit of undercoat and 3 coats of Dulux Duramax, gloss vivid white. It was easy to do this in the garage so she didn’t spot it (she never goes in there). I’ve been keeping an eye on the awesome homewares that EziBuy home has to offer so shot down to their store here in Christchurch to see what they had in stock. I was in luck!!!! They had a striped outdoor cushion to match our beanbags and a charcoal pom-pom throw.

I set the chair up before I left for work so she could see it when she got home before me. I added a movie voucher in the card and had some flowers delivered to her work, I think she was pretty happy haha.

1960s chairPainted mid century chair

Next time you’re in need of a gift, think outside the square and think of something that the receiver can use for years to come.  It’s so rewarding when you see that they genuinely love the gift considering the amount of time you put into it.

Our little Kitchen goes black

We are proud owners of a gorgeous villa in Christchurch. It’s seen some interesting times throughout its grand life and lived through the Christchurch Earthquakes with just a few scars. Our home was built the same year as the construction of the original press building started (1909) so as you can imagine, it has some charm!

Black is the new Black

The previous owners of our villa painted all the walls white and modernised the bathroom and kitchen, we are huge lovers keeping heritage but complementing it with modern accents. Our Kitchen has been a topic of conversation between us for a while, I (Shayden) am drawn to black hardware, it comes with a price tag but damn it looks good!
While throwing a small tantrum in the aisle at Bunnings because they had no black door knobs I marched with haste toward the spray paint cabinet and got a few cans of my old friend Dulux Duramax… in Black Satin so it’s a nice compromise between Matte and Gloss. As I was spraying the door knobs I decided I’ll test the spare kitchen cabinetry handles because I’ve been wanting to upgrade to black since the open home.

The first one turned out so good I had them all off and hanging off the clothes line within 10 minutes! I gave them a good clean and then 3 coats of paint with an hours drying time between coats (you only need 10 minutes with Duramax).

Our Kitchen feels like a new one with the edgy lines of the black against the white cabinetry, black adds a level of industrial to our home which ties in nicely with the character. We spend so much time in the Kitchen with the morning sun coming through there’s nothing better than a cup of tea and some brekkie at our up-cycled table and chairs!



Thinking of taking this approach to your Kitchen – do it!!


Going back to the 60’s

Mooch style chairs

The 1960’s, a decade of revolution and rebellion, the world stood up and flipped tradition the bird and finally found itself.

People weren’t just pushing the boundaries politically they were changing the way we look at things architecturally and functionally, air travel was on the up making accessibility to the biggest furniture houses in the world possible. Meanwhile in little old New Zealand we had tightened up on importing to boost internal industry, managing to pick up a few danish residents after WWII and our own designers coming into their own with Scandinavian furniture design we had the likes of Danske Mobler, Airest, D A Lewis & Co and DON Furniture crafting what we know today as mid century furniture and damn did they do a good job!

The 1960’s produced timeless pieces that have stood the test of time both aesthetically and functionally.

When I found two mid-century kitchen chairs I had to have them, the 60’s gave us quality furniture so I knew all they would need is a coat of paint and some new fabric to take them back to the day they were in the shop.

Mooch style chairsI got them home and had a good look at my new chairs appreciating the quality of them. This is also when I try to place what I will do with them.  I could have applied a bohemian look or just went for a plain white approach but I wanted to keep the decades vibe.  Georgia suggested we go for a bright frame and tone down the fabric – what a beaut idea it was!

Mooch Style fabricLike children in a candy store we were soon amongst the fabric waiting for something to catch our eyes.  I spotted a white fabric with a gold honeycomb pattern which was a winner instantly, the honey comb ties into the eras vibe and resurgence of creativity. Dulux Go Go blue was with out a doubt the best choice to match with this fabric, cyan was at it’s best in the 60’s so Go Go it was!

Mooch style chairsThe process…

Im going to make this short so you know what you are in for when you choose to do this your self. Starting a project like this you firstly need to make sure you have the tools for the job.

What you need:

  1. Staple gun
  2. Staples
  3. Fabric
  4. 120 grit sand paper
  5. Cloth to wipe down
  6. Hammer
  7. Flat head screw driver
  8. Iron
  9. Scissors
  10. Craft knife

I watch a lot of YouTube clips on how to do things whenever I up-cycle furniture you should do this too (it helps). Fabric isn’t the easiest thing to work with so it takes a bit of patience but is super rewarding at the end of it.

I firstly pulled everything apart, having a small flat head screw driver helps with tacks and and stubborn pieces. I started with a piece of white tee shirt material to make the cushions soft, wrapping around the edges and stapling as I went. When I was finished I then did the same with the honeycomb fabric I chose.Mooch style chairsOnce this was finished I then had to edge the upper cushions, I cut a long piece of fabric and folded it over x3 times and press ironed it to be rigid. Using the original tacks (I liked the rust look) and the original edging for a guide I then hammered in the tacks, it covers up the messy stapling quite nicely. The bottom cushion is much easier, I always use white card for the base to cover the staples and fabric.Mooch style chairs I then got to work on the frame, it’s paint job looked like it had been to war! I sanded it back to a smooth state and then wiped down with a damp cloth. Using a Dulux metal primer I gave it x2 coats leaving it an hour in between coats.

Once dry I then used the Go Go Blue – shit I love this colour! I gave it x3 coats and 1 coat of clear plastic coat (same brand).Mooch style chairs

Mooch style chairsAs you can see they came up great!  Im so happy with them and i’m even happier that I can give something that was over 40 years old a new life for hopefully another 40 years.

If you have something you want our advice on – please do get in touch!

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I have a good collection of Voodoo Molly Vintage paints and have been itching to use something from their amazing colour range on one of our projects. I spotted a mid century style side board online and thought “could this be my opportunity” I won the auction and went to collect our new sideboard, with a huge smile on my face the poor guy that took my money was probably thinking – what is this mad couple going to do with this side board?!!

Photo 1-05-16, 12 39 50 PM10 (1 of 1)

I’ll admit I get so excited when I pick up new pieces because they are generally beaten up old wrecks that are about to get a serious facelift and live to see another generation rather than a garage door and the odd bike.


Photo 1-05-16, 7 57 54 PM

Putting the side board up on my up-cycle table I was staring at it thinking what do I do with you, I had my Voodoo Molly Vintage paint swatch out trying to decide if I do some patterns or a few colours.  Then I realised that I had Cherry Bomb! Cherry Bomb is a stunning rich burgundy colour that I knew word tie in so well with the old wood and gold fittings.

So Cherry Bomb it was!  I sanded the veneer first so it had something to key in to and then gave it 3 coats with an hour in-between coats. Waiting a day I then gave it a wax coat which protects it from any knocks.

14 (1 of 1)16 (1 of 1)17 (1 of 1)19 (1 of 1)

This piece has had some really good feedback on social media so it just goes to show that sometimes simple solid colour is sometimes more effective that going crazy with the geo patterns and lines.

What I really liked about this piece was the handles, handles can sometimes be really horrible but when you buy pieces that are older than you are they generally were made with quality front of mind.

20 (1 of 1)9 (1 of 1)

What are your thoughts? Would love to know what you think of the red!

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DIY – Herringbone Table

I managed to get my hands on a really funky mid-century style table.

It was in reasonable condition so I was on the hunt for some inspiration to up-cycle the table. I have always admired the geometric designs that people are starting to incorporate into their designs, they take a bit of skill and patience to execute.  With a free weekend ahead I thought “RIGHT – it’s my time to give this a nudge”!!!

I am so glad I tried this – the end result is amazing, it always helps using Dulux’s Duramax paints because they do such a great job at hardening fast so you can get to work with the taping right away.

Grab a coffee (and some cake) and i’ll run you through how I DIY-ed my own herringbone pattern on mid century coffee table.


STEP 1 – Choose colours and prep

Dulux duramax paint

Colours for me are the hardest part, I like to up-cycle to my style however I up-cycle to sell so I have to think where this piece will go.  I chose neutral colours for this project so it can be utilised in a lounge – office or bedroom!

Shopping list…..

  • Frog tape – low adhesion and wont take paint with it
  • Undercoat – 1 can
  • Base colour – 1 can
  • Herringbone design colour – 1 can
  • Top clear coat – 1 can
  • Craft Knife
  • Ruler
  • Newspaper
  • Pencil
  • Beer/wine (for in between coats – essential*****)


STEP 2 – Sand

She was in an okay state – but still needed a good tidy up before I started painting.

Using an orbital sander (really cheap from Bunnings or Mitre 10) I went around the outside trim and the top of the table trying not to take off too much as the outside was veneer. I sanded it back so all the polyurethane was gone and it was ready to undercoat.

Step 3 – Undercoat

ALWAYS buy a matching undercoat for your paint, if you don’t know what you need, just ask the shop attendants – they do an amazing job at telling you what you need! Wipe your furniture down with a microfibre cloth before starting to make sure all dust etc is removed.

Undercoat twice and sand very lightly with a light grit between each coat (this will promote adhesion between layers).

Step 4 – Paint the base colour

Up-cycled mid century table

I used Duramax Antique white USA gloss, if your piece is in great condition you could even leave the top wood (I wish this piece was). The Antique white is AMAZING – I use it for every white as its not a white where you need sunglasses to look at it.

I gave my piece three coats – allowing to dry 30 minutes between coats and sanding in between (you know why!)

I let the table dry inside overnight to allow it to off-gas and do its harden thing.

Step5 – Tape herringbone

Heringbone design




Follow this guide and you will be loving the end result.

  1. Measure the mid point on either end horizontal and vertical and put a light pencil mark
  2. Put tape along the middle on either the left or right side and this will act as a guide.
  3. Choose the width that you want the herringbone to be in total, I chose 160mm – mark in three places vertically and tape on the outer edge of the points.
  4. Now you are ready to choose the angle of the herringbone with a piece of tape as your width guide, start at one end and continue up the length of the table, use a piece of tape as your spacer each time to keep consistent with your angle.
  5. Once you have completed one side you will be ready to start on the other edge, with a ruler and pencil, square two pints on the opposite side so you can duplicate the angle.  Once you have done one its very easy from there.
  6. Use each point to line the new side up wth so the shapes align and don’t stagger.
  7. Once you have completed the second line you can then begin the cutting, make sure your blade is nice and sharp!  Run your ruler along the middle and cut wherever the tape overlaps (lightly).  You can then cut out each shape that will be painted (every second in a line).
  8. Once this is done you have probably just polished off your 5th bottle of wine and starting to open the beers (the result is at the end – I promise).
  9. Using newspaper tape all edges off so there is no bleed
  10. PAINT!  x2 coats, not too heavy otherwise you will have risk of bleed and thick edges.
  11. I let each coat dry for 10 minutes and then peeled off the tape nice and slowly.
  12. Now you are patting your self on the back – you can now touch up any paint with spaying on a paint brush if any has come off and touching up. Spray the finished piece once or twice with a clear coat and let dry for a few hours before styling.

I really loved this – it pushed my boundaries as an up-cycler (is that even a thing?)

I really hope you give this a go and let me know how you get on via instagram @moochstyle or facebook @moochstyle  or commenting below!

Here is how I have styled it.