Real Home Series – 1960’s boho botanic bliss

Eclectic shelving

Opening the doors to her 1960’s home in Mairehau, Stacey Weaver takes us through the house she’s made a home. From the dried flowers in her kitchen to the most peaceful workspace that leads to a private garden, this home is truly a piece of art created by one creative lady!

Who lives here?

Stacey Weaver a 32-year-old Girl Boss, self-employed, photographer and creator of botanic art print, accessory and homewares brand Just South West, her boyfriend Lance and her gorgeous little grey cat called Blue. Stacey is an art lover through and through and it’s fair to say her home is a true reflection of that passion.

What style/year is the home and why they chose it

It’s a cute butter yellow 1960’s weatherboard house surrounded by a brick fence and gardens that Stacey has been nursing into her own botanical bliss. The house had a lot going for it, the central location, generous room size, beautiful french doors that she pictured opening onto the deck that’s now built, it was in Stacey’s price range and she could immediately see the value in a DIY renovation and moving on with some money in her pocket to do it all again.

The vision Stacey has for her home

Being a photographer and lover of all things art, light and bright is important for her houseplants to flourish. A marriage of modern boho within a traditional shell for the styling with a clean colour palette for re-sale.

What made you renovate?

When renovating, Stacey keeps in mind that this home is her first, she has been mindfull of renovating spaces that improve the homes function and flow. The deck was a must because it increases the floor plan and theres nothing better than basking in the sun with a few G&T’s.

Where do you draw styling inspiration from?

Stacey worked at a local homewares store, Copper + Pink, her time here obsessing with eye candy and art influenced a lot of the styling. Pieces in the home have been purchased mostly second hand via trademe, eco store, garage sales. In fact, only three items of furniture in her house have been bought brand new. (a sofa, her desk and bed) and collected since 2010. The amazing art she has on display is mostly gifted or swapped with friends in the industry. The eclectic mix of pieces come from a love of New York Lofts and their styling.

Any regrets?

Being organised helps with having no regrets, although Stacey wishes she used more expensive wood for the long shelves in the dining room but was trying to do on the cheap!

Favourite things about your home?

The first thing I purchased for my home were paper shades, so my oversized shade in my bedroom. Sitting on my new deck in the sunshine. And the little pockets of dried flowers hanging in the dining / kitchen.


1970s Wire chair

When you think kiwi summer you think beaches and baches, the furniture was never easy on the eye but it was bloody comfy. It’s funny as Georgia and I fill our home with furniture we tend to lean towards the ugly bach furniture but make it our own with a spot of paint. Some people probably hate it and want to leave it for the bach but we love it.

Everyone had a pair of these on the verandah or in the back yard, i’ve spent numerous hours searching online and in second hand stores for these chairs, I mustn’t be the only one on the hunt for them because they come at quite the price.

I have an office chair that really needed replaced because the replica eames that I thought was the bargain of the year from KMART but was more like a ride at movie world, as soon as you sit on it it takes off in all sorts of directions.

474852575 (1)

When I was lucky enough to win this for $6.50 online (the other one I was watching went for $35.00) with a quick touch of dulux white the chair was looking 30 years newer. For the cushion I was at the warehouse and spotted this retro looking seat cushion for $20.00. The arms I sanded back and stained with oil to keep with the retro look.

chair 4 (1 of 1)chair 2 (1 of 1)chair 1 (1 of 1)chair (1 of 1)chair 5 (1 of 1)

Im more than happy with how good this looks and how it fits in with our homes style.  If you have some of these you should give this a go and make them look this good in your home, I have seen them painted red without cushions and blue with white cushions – they always come up so cool!



Voodoo Molly Vintage Paints

Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint

This week we had the opportunity to use a new paint. I picked up a table for $1.50 off TradeMe last week so was perfect for testing.
You will be shocked at how little preparation and expertise is needed to transform your shabby and tired furniture into custom bespoke pieces.

No stripping, no undercoat and no wax formula will make your next project fuss free and full of character. The first thing I noticed was how amazing the colour range were for up cycles, the paint is EXTREMELY easy to apply and has great coverage.

The desk I up cycled was painted using Classic white and Duck egg blue.  These colours look so nice together and I am really impressed with both colours (that never happens).

If you are worried about using a brush vs spray I recommend you tubing a few techniques – or look out on VMV’s website for workshops.

I think it’s fair to say that this is my new favourite paint.  The piece is sitting in our office 2 weeks on and I am just so happy with the freshness of the colours and how its not streaky.

For your next project give Voodoo Molly a go – you won’t be disappointed!


DIY Trestle Desk

DIY Trestle Desk

The Trestle Desk

I have wanted a table like this for a while but didn’t want to fork out the cash for one that I couldn’t see in a store (most are available only online).
A friend mentioned that Mitre 10 has a campaign called “easy as”….. Loving the name I went online to check it out and noticed they had an awesome video of how to make one.  The dimensions etc were perfect for our office space and the guy in the video describes how to make it in such a kiwi way I couldn’t help but watch it through.
A few weeks went by and I was walking through the hardware store buying vege plants and the 1800mm pine top caught my eye – next thing I knew $110.00 later I had everything I needed to make a trestle desk, walking out to the carpark I was stressing that it would fit in my Mazda Axela – it ended up fitting just fine.
Check out this link to Mitre 10 Megas videoyou can play around with the finishing in the timber and the table top.
The finish I have went with is just adding water to white paint and rubbing on the wood with a cloth, it only needs one coat to take the bland look from the wood. I have paired it with a replica Eames Chair from Kmart. The large image is The Mound II by Ruben Ireland.
The video as mentioned above literally was “easy as” to follow, I might make another for Georgia – better yet – make it with her!
Would love to hear if you have made one – feel free to leave questions if you have any, this saves you roughly $200.00 and gives you the satisfaction of building it yourself.
ab410-photo2b6-08-15252c2b42b552b532bamDIY Trestle Desk


Up cycled drawers

Georgia brought these drawers online for $15.00,  when we got it home Georgia was looking on Pinterest (checkout shaydennz) for some inspiration.  There is always some really cool inspo available but rarely how to and advice.
We knew we were working with wood and wanted to have the effect of when you open the drawer you see white with spots etc.

What we started with.

Photo 13-09-15, 3 37 26 PM
As you you can see we had a lot to work with, the drawers are a really cool Queen Anne style and have huge potential.
Georgia decided that she would like to keep them and wanted them pink with black insides and latches.

In progress

Photo 3-06-15, 2 17 59 AM
Our first rookie move was using a white primer, the pink came up Fluoro (shaydens cringing) so we went and brought a grey primer from our local Bunnings.
So when we are finished we go to put the drawers in and they no longer fit ARGHHHH – the paint swelled the chipboard sides.
Back to the drawing board………..
We decided to knock out the dividers and build a shelf as one of the drawers fit after a sanding on the sides. A piece like this would be a shame to write off so it pays to come into these things with creativity for challenges like this.
Georgia’s knocking out the dividers as I’m cutting a shelf to size, then a lick of paint on the inside so it all suits.
I’m still thinking about the pink going in the house haha so with Georgia’s steady hand she’s managed to get a lot of white on the outside, anddddd we are out of pink Hahahaha – I suggest we go black with a copper handle.

Prime it up again

And voila!
Photo 13-08-15, 3 55 41 AM

We plan on using this  in the office.
We would love to know what you think, if you have any questions leave a comment and we can chat!
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Thank you ECO – Store

We often assume that our furniture has a used by date, we discard things because they are old and worn out.  Whos not to say that these things can be rejuvinated?

I was cruising past the Eco Store thinking GOD I never find anything there, but my girlfriend wanted to start Up Cycling things as a hobbie and hadnt really kicked it off as of yet – so I swung a left and went on in, this time the car park was packed it was like feeding time at the zoo so I thought hmmmm there bust be some gems in there today because the majority of people were walking out with things.

I was walking past the chairs and found the perfect one FOR $5.00!!!! As I was walking to pay for it I found an identical one so was a happy man – one for her and one for me.

So this is where our project begins…..

The Before…

First thing we did was choose the fabric, we thought the chairs would look awesome in a girls room at a desk or makeup table – or will brighten up any room! So we ripped off the horrible old coverings and replaced with the new…
Painting the chair was easy, we decided to just do parts of the chair and chose blue to match the fabric. We sanded it back and taped it off with masking tape and bags.
Taking the tape off is so exciting, its like an unveiling haha, then we put the cushion back in and we had our new chairs!
The after…..
ac4ff-wooden2bchairs2bfabric2b2b252812bof2b12529Thank you ECO - Store

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