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Frankie has legs like a giraffe and runs like a racehorse, backed with some IQ she has us worried most days.  We’ve fenced off our yard so she has to get through two gates to get out but she will still give it a nudge if she wanted to.

We wanted to find a solution that would help us keep an eye on her during the day when shes roaming free destroying all our precious plants and digging to china. We came across a brand that had literally just launched a device called Petlocate. In a nutshell, their F1 Pet Tracker has been designed to prevent that worry we all have when not around our Pets. Now you can see where they are whenever you want by simply looking at your Phone. Styled with Google Maps, Petlocate App shows a beacon where your Pet is on a Map, and another beacon where you are so you can locate them faster. You can even get a text if your Pet walks out the front gate and get a full history of where your Pet has been during the day.

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What we love about it is that Frankie hasn’t once tried to scratch it off, meaning its comfortable. It’s also a really nice size for a boxer so a great fit for her collar.

In terms of how it syncs with a GPS to get the signal of where it is, you load $10 or however much you want to a sim that comes with it and it lasts for months.  I can see this being a great option for pedigree breeds, farm dogs that like to wander and anxious fur parents like ourselves. We found the best option to keep an eye on her and even better that it’s an NZ brand leading the way for pet tracking.


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KURI puppy school, 4 weeks in

When choosing to welcome a puppy into our home we knew that there were a few things we needed to get right. The first was our home (see our blog post on plants toxic to dogs) and finally there was us.

Frankie isn’t just any puppy, she’s a boxer!

So she has more energy than Shayden, is very jumpy and will give everything a nudge with her paws. This being said, it’s important that we know how to train her to be the best she can be with all our visitors, other dogs and joe blogs that stops their car to give her a pat (it happens). Our friends had been RAVING about Geoff and his team at KURI. Stress and pain-free, reward-based, natural instinct training that helps you put your best foot forward as an owner and provides a great base for your puppy.

Kuri puppy

Kuri Puppy School

Of course, we booked her into their Puppy Class – Level 1, an 8-week course with 5 other pups (all different breeds). We’ve noticed in the 4 sessions we’ve already had that Frankie’s relationship with us is built on mutual trust and respect, we understand why she does things and she can read our body language. KURI has taught us proper socialisation skills, boundaries and when best to praise Frankie and teach her when she’s playing up that what she is doing is wrong.

We are so impressed with every part of their business, we buy their raw dog food (Frankie has the glossiest coat in town and hasn’t itched since going raw), have purchased her Julius K9 harness and Collar lead and they stock our fav Washbar dog wash and sprays and absolutely love the pens that you train your dog in.

Frankie, 4 weeks in is sleeping 8 hours a night in her crate with no noise when she gets put away, sits on command 90% of the time, lies down when asked, won’t go into areas of the house she knows she’s not allowed in, greets small dogs in submission when calmed down by us, has a much better recall than we were expecting and is so damn happy!

We’ll touch base after our last class, Frankie is growing fast and has gained 4KG in her time there so far, it really is the best thing we could have done for her given her size and fun loving personality (if you follow our Instagram you would know the stories we are talking about).

Thinking of getting a puppy? We couldn’t recommend KURI more!

Kuri dog food