Dresser with a twist

I have been wanting a new dresser for our bedroom but for the life of me couldn’t find one. I originally was thinking of spending $160 on a locker from Big Save because it was pretty cool and would fit in with our style but I knew that it wasn’t the best solution for my mountain of clothes that I was stacking in a bookshelf type setup.

If you are wanting a practical storage option always choose vintage, they are sturdier, have 100% more space inside the drawer cavities and come with aged charm that new pieces really lack plus they won’t fall apart after 6 months – they are 20+ years old already, they have already stood up to 2 generations of kids with markers and sharp objects to scratch their initials into them (I did that).


I payed $36.00 for it (was going to go to $60.00) I fell in love as soon as I put it in my car, it was an antique for sure! When I get my pieces home I put them on my up-cycling table outside and stand back and look at them and have a think about who I am up-cycling for, in this case it was me. Our bedroom has white furniture and I like to keep thing neutral for when we have a new house. This piece has a round shape on each drawer and some hideous old handles, but then I looked closer and noticed that the handles would actually be really nice if i lost the horrible plastic detail to them.  I decided I will sand it, have white drawers and silver (original) handles.

The twist…

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when taking the drawers out I noticed that the bottom one wasn’t actually a drawer but a cupboard – HOW COOL!!!! The chain was missing so I had to replace it, but such a cool place to put my shoes, boxing gloves or travel bags!

Hard work pays off

I chose Dulux Duramax USA Antique White.  I have used this colour before and its not as sterile as other whites and the paint is an up-cyclers dream to work with! I gave the drawers a light sand before taping off the edges, taking off the handles and then painting.

Photo 30-04-16, 1 33 38 PM

While they were all drying I sanded the shell of the dresser, this was the hard part. I use an orbital sander and I went through 6 disks of 80g sand paper.  I gave the dresser a REALLY good sand but left the edges of the dresser not 100% stripped back so it had a really cool aged look – I freaking love it.  I then went over with the finest sand paper disks and made it smoooooooth.

Tools for painting furniture


I left all the imperfections rather than filling them because they make the piece look like it’s had a life!

The fun part

Putting the drawers back in and handles on after you have cleaned them is so satisfying but you really have to let the paint harden before you do. As mentioned I use Dulux Duramax it hardens fast so I just went out for the arvo before I did this.


I chose a black flat chain after completely confusing the guy at mitre10 with what I wanted it for haha.

I never realised how fun oak is to style either, it has a really unique woodgrain and the colour is so nice.

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