Making a sideboard out of a cabinet

Sideboards are great, you can put things in them to hide the clutter, they can look really cool and fill awkward spaces that look like they are missing something.

We came across a local business called Loftmotif when we were looking for unique lights for our little Villa (high ceilings mean the options are endless).  Loftmotif is driven by a passion for good design, quality products, and fair pricing – this is what we are all about!  Local to Christchurch also so we had to check out what else they had on offer. We were instantly drawn to their hairpin legs, as you probably know we have a love for vintage wire furniture so we’ve been on the hunt for a use for them so we had an excuse to get some haha.

Up-cycling the Cabinet

Recently we purchased an old cupboard, it’s super sturdy, about 1400mm long and in great quality. The shape of it was perfect for under our TV and we knew straight away that we could make it work with the Loftmotif hairpin legs! We got in touch, purchased the Black powder coated variant and had them delivered (so exciting).

Mid century side board
Pinterest example

Originally we had a few styles in mind that we had pinned on Pinterest, although they are not the same shape, the style could transfer!

What we really liked was how bespoke this piece looked.  We are all about having furniture that not everyone has!

When we sanded the piece back it was obvious that it wasn’t going to work if we based it on the Pinterest example, so compromised and painted both doors Dulux Duramax Satin Black.  We then just went into the shed and started mixing some Black fence stain (not sure why or what we were going to do).  Doing brush strokes thinly in some places and thicker in others gave the piece such a cool look so we stuck with that haha.  Once the stain was dry we used our favourite product – natural beeswax by Newtons paints, the beeswax provides a nice finish, is easy to apply and ensures your piece will be protected from spills, dust etc….. and it’s beeswax so it’s bloody cool haha.

Installing the hairpin legs

Now for the fun part. The legs were super easy to install, we followed the guide on the Loftmotif website and we were SO lucky because the legs fitted to the mm because of the width of the cabinet.

A few screws and we were done!

We are SO impressed with the end result and is custom made for our home. Being a third the price of the ones we were looking at for that space means we have more coin in our pocket too!

Have a space that needs a sideboard or table?  Check out Loftmotif.


Loftmotif legs – $115
Cabinet – $35
Paint and wax – already had it