Getting to know Newtons Chalk Paint

We have been looking for the right piece to trial a new paint type that we’ve heard so much about but never used.

When the lovely Ali from Newtons Paints suggested we try their paints we, of course, took her up on this.  Shaydens Mum is into shabby chic and has used it in the past and raved about it so we had to try it out for ourselves.Chalk finish paint

Chalk Finish Paint

Chalk Finish Paint is a self-priming, user-friendly paint that traditionally provides the ability to create shabby chic or distressed looks. Chalk Finish Paint removes the usual preparation that is necessary when using acrylic paints, no sanding or priming needed! The paint is a water based paint and has very low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and is environmentally friendly.

Benefits of Newtons Chalk Finish Paint – in our opinion

  1. Covers more surface area and MUCH easier than others we have used
  2. Colour range is extensive
  3. They are eco-friendly 
  4. Clean up is a dream
  5. Has plenty of products that compliment the paint 

The up-cycle

We upcycled some drawers that were in a pretty tired state.  They functioned great but the varnish was terrible and had marks all over it. We started by sanding back the top and drawers to bare wood, leaving the sides as-is.  We then wiped the sides down with a steel pad to remove any dust. Giving the paint a really good shake for a few minutes mixed it together and then used a small-ish brush to apply the first coat.  Be generous but not too heavy on the coats and allow to dry for 1-2 hours. We applied 3 coats to the sides carefully cutting into the top so it didn’t bleed at all.  When the paint was dry we applied 2 coats of beeswax (also by Newtons) to the top of the paint and the bare wood.

Click on the pics below to see the before and after 

We had never done this before and DAMN it looks good and makes your hands feel nice too haha. You simply just lightly rub in motions with a sponge and then after say 30 mins – 1 hour you wipe off with a cloth.  The wax will protect the paint and wood from dings, dust and water.

For the handles, they looked really horrible so out of the blue decided to use cotton rope, a super simple alternative to metal handles (and cheap). You cut it a smidge longer than the length you want and tie knots either end after its thread through. This was inspired by our low-boy we completed last year.

The colour we used was Newtons Regal Blue, they have a great range but this blue caught my eye for this project. As you can see the Blue is brilliant and compliments the wood.

Our experience with this paint is 100% positive, next time you have a piece you want to do up – think of Newtons.

Total spent:

Dresser – $25.00

Newtons paint and beeswax (will do another 2 projects) – $40.00