Painting an Edwardian washstand

The Edwardian period was a time where the dark hues of the Victorian times were replaced by a more cheerful colour pallet and design.

Georgias Dad bought this stunning Edwardian washstand a while back, complete with a solid marble top. Being raised by antique loving parents I was a little worried about painting this because I know what they would say… BUT furniture is about you and your home. We don’t stain our furniture because we like the natural look beside the white walls, some stain theirs a yellow tone, some stain them dark – it’s all down to preference.



The brief was “cream”

We’ve used many shades from many paint brands but the one I knew would be perfect for this was “aged white” by Newtons Chalk Finish Paints. This paint we find to be so much easier to apply. Because we are close to winter and I like to upcycle outside I had to paint with the gaps of sun so it took a while. I applied 4 coats of paint, the last of them a thin one.

If you’re going to take on a piece this big I would recommend painting in a heated garage so your coats can dry OR in the summer so you can paint outside.  I like to paint outside so I can see the colours naturally and how they work with the piece.

This was a time-consuming project but in theory, it’s pretty straight forward, here’s what I required:

  • Paint Brush 
  • Masking tape
  • Sandpaper

Newtons paints require little to no prep work so a light sand and I was on my way. Making sure the piece was well masked was important so the finishing came up really well. If you feel this paint is a little thick, which chalk paint can be – just add a little bit of water and shake it up, this works a treat.



As you can see the piece came up so well.  I really like the colour we went with, the chalk finish ties in so nicely with the character of the piece too.  If you’re into shabby chic, an alternative to sanding back the paint is using a product Newtons have called “Antiquing wax”. This way you can choose how far you go and buff off accordingly.

If you see one of these beauties around, pick it up! The marble top alone is worth the price and look how those tiles pop now!